When it comes to matters of the heart, ‘Love Alarm’ really knew what they were talking about. So here are 5 truths about love that we learned from ‘Love Alarm’!

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched ‘Love Alarm‘ yet, some of these contain depicted scenes from the series!

1. You can’t pick who you love.

You would never intentionally want to hurt your best friend, right? So when Hye-yeong pursued his best friend’s ex-girlfriend it just goes to show you can’t pick who you fall in love with. And well okay, Hye-yeong has liked Jojo even before Sun-oh knew she existed. So there really wasn’t any betrayal there. But still Sun-oh feels that way, and we get that. But that’s just how the heart works, you can’t pick who you end up loving.

2. You need to love yourself first.

There is a singular scene in ‘Love Alarm’ that saddened us so much. And it was when they discovered the bodies in the park of people who committed mass suicide. All because nobody has ever rung their ‘Love Alarm’. And that’s why the truth we can take from that is that loving yourself first is important. Because maybe the reason nobody has ever rung their alarms, is because they didn’t love themselves enough. So love yourselves first! Because how you treat yourself is the standard of how others will treat you.

3. You can’t run away from your feelings.

When Jojo activated the shield on her love alarm, to shield herself from the pain of heartbreak, she chose to run away and hide from her true feelings. But we know what happened, it didn’t save her from the pain. Because she still longed to be loved, she still felt the pain of loss without being free to love. So you see, pain is an inevitable risk of loving and by running away from your feelings you’re only cheating yourself. So embrace how you feel, live in the moment. Don’t let the fear of uncertainty stop you from experiencing life.

4. It’s not a crime to love.

No matter how horribly we saw Gul-mi treated Guk-du for liking her, you should know that it’s never a crime to love. But we’re not talking about stalkers or anything like that. But just purely loving someone, wanting to make that person smile and laugh. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

5. You can’t tell your heart to stop loving someone.

No matter how much you fear rejection, like Guk-du. Or fear the pain of heartbreak like Jojo, you just can’t tell your heart to stop loving someone. Even if that person is a horrible person, the heart just sees things differently. And we believe that if you’ve truly loved someone, you can never un-love them. Much like how Sun-oh still loves Jojo, even though she broke his heart.

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