Creative block? Feeling restless? Or do you just want to focus on a certain task? Then these 5 things to keep your creativity alive should help!

Online shopping is basically the norm these days. Because you only ever really go to the mall to browse or if you’re buying something specific and don’t want to wait for shipping. And it’s especially good for buying obscure or odd things that there are no physical stores for. And that includes art stuff! So here are 5 things you can buy online to help keep your creativity alive!

1. Paint by Numbers Kit

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Do you want to create something beautiful but just don’t know what? Or are you a painting beginner and you just want to flex those creative juices? Then the Paint by Numbers Kit is the one you want to get. It’s an all-inclusive kit that comes with number-coded paint, brushes, and of course the canvas itself. This kit is perfect if you’re just itching to get creative. You just simply sit down and paint accordingly, it’s that simple. You can get this on Shopee for around 300 PHP.

2. Scratch Painting KitImage result for scratch painting kit


Now this one is therapeutic AF. We don’t know about you but we had something like these as kids. You would just draw on it and the black outer layer would get scratched off to reveal the rainbow colours underneath. In a similar way, all you have to do is scratch away at the outlined grey image. Just be careful not to scratch away too much. And ta-da! a fully coloured image just like that. The kit comes with the scratch-art board, scratching tools, and a sample image of the finished product. You can buy it on Shopee for around 150 to 200 PHP.

3. Diamond Painting Kit

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The Diamond Painting Kit requires a more tedious process to finish, but it’s definitely worth it. So for those of you who like to worry about the details then this kit is the one for you. So the kit comes with everything you need: adhesive grid paper, beads, and applicators. All you need to do is find a cosy spot to sit in for hours as you work on your new masterpiece. And maybe brew some tea while you’re at it. You can buy kits like these on Shopee for around 150 to 200 PHP.

4. Beginner Calligraphy Kit

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Another way of keeping your creativity alive is by learning a new skill. Believe it or not, wedding organizers hire “Calligraphers” for rustic themed weddings, to craft signs and place cards or any other calligraphy needs. So who knows, this may be a new side-gig you could explore. And this Beginner Calligraphy Kit has everything you need to learn the basics of the art of calligraphy. It retails for about 400 to 500 PHP on Shopee.

5. Adult Coloring Book

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Feel like going on a trip but you’re budget just won’t cut it? Then this colouring book might help curb the desire to visit somewhere new. And it’ll definitely give your creative muscles a workout. The Fantastic Cities Coloring Book by Steve McDonald is just filled from cover to cover with beautifully illustrated scenes of cities both real and imagined. And it’s just waiting to be coloured in by you. Of course, there are other colouring books out there that also have complicated details that adults can enjoy. But you can get this one for around 500 PHP on Shopee.

It’s important to keep our creativity alive, even when we’re not creative professionals. And projects like these also help with stress relief. Because the feeling of fulfilment you get when you finish is just so satisfying. Plus you can hang it proudly on your wall and say that you made that yourself.

What did you think of our recommended 5 things to help the creativity alive? Do you think you’ll be buying any of these soon? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.