Bottled up feelings and unsaid thoughts are never easy. Good thing there’s Unsaid Feelings by Dr. Gia Sison! Find out more here!

You may have heard of Dr. Gia Sison from the CNN segment, G Talks, talking about the daily challenges of women. Or maybe you’ve seen her masakit pero totoo advice on many social media platforms. And now, she’s gracing us with Unsaid Feelings, an online journal, and an avenue, wherein you can unburden your heart and express your bottled up feelings.

On September 8, Dr. Gia took it to Twitter to tease her followers with her upcoming online diary, Unsaid Feelings.

On the website, Dr. Gia introduces Unsaid Feelings saying:

“You’re probably wondering what this website is all about, what it’s for, or maybe even what it stands for. Ever get this feeling of regret that you haven’t said enough to someone or something that you feel strongly about?”

She added: “If yes, then this journal is for you. Write it all out; it is indeed therapeutic. No judgment, just a safe space for you to just be you. After all, we all wouldn’t want to be haunted with regrets in the end. We all have those Unsaid Feelings, so go ahead, indulge, and who knows? It might just happen again but this time, with closure.”

Dr. Gia, however, advises us that Unsaid Feelings is not a counseling site and if the worst comes, you should seek professional help. Users can also send or receive e-letters from other users, so always keep in mind to only send something you’re comfortable receiving. Lastly, she tells us to always be kind and understanding.

Who is Dr. Gia Sison?

Dr. Gia Sison is what you can say, “a woman for all seasons”. Aside from being a doctor specializing in Occupational Medicine, she is also a mental health advocate and violence against women (VAW) supporter. Who said we’re finished? Dr. Gia is also the Philippine leader of the Livestrong Foundation and the co-founder of HealthXPh

She can also be deemed us our resident love counselor on Twitter because of her iconic lines.

But more than anything else, she is a fighter and a survivor. Having been cancer-free since 2013, she has proved that she is tougher than any disease. Considering that she has also experienced depression when she was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, she is very empathetic to others’ struggles.

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In an interview with CNN, Dr. Gia opens up about the time she signed up for Twitter to just share her thoughts about her situation. And who would’ve thought that until today that she’d still be relentless in helping lost souls? We can only hope that Unsaid Feelings isn’t the end of her advocacy. 

What do you think of Unsaid Feelings by Dr. Gia Sison? Do you have any unsaid feelings you’ve been meaning to let out? We’d love to hear from you! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.