Forgetting to get your friend a Christmas gift is completely understandable! Sort of, I mean you could’ve been busy right?. If you don’t want to look like the bad friend, here are five last minute gifts (that won’t seem last minute) to give to your musically-inclined friends for the holidays.

Audio Headset

You can find audio headsets in probably every mall in the metro. The hardest thing about this gift idea is really choosing which specific headset to buy. You’ve got the new Marshall Major II that now supports bluetooth, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x for those looking for the best bang for your back, or Bose QuietComfort 35 for those who frequently travel. With all these options on the palm of your hands, we have a handy dandy guide on wired v. wireless headsets so you can pick the best one.

Music Book

2017’s best music book goes to, without a doubt, “Meet Me in the Bathroom” by Lizzy Goodman. Yes we’ve been raving about this book since it came out but it deserves all the hype it’s been receiving. Goodman trails the explosion of the New York City rock scene in the early 2000s and how drugs, alcohol, relationships, and the sad terrorist attack of 9/11 affected these bands. The best part about this book is that all the content inside comes straight from the artists themselves! Grab a copy in your closest Fully Booked branch.

Gig Ticket

Sometimes, the best gift you can give someone is an experience of a lifetime. What better way to provide that experience than with gigs? The local music scene is booming with amazing talent, and you’ve got productions like Red Ninja, Indie Manila, Vandals on the Wall, and more setting up gigs every month. All you’ve gotta do is pay for their entrance and maybe a couple rounds to have a great night!

Vinyl Record

When you dig deep enough, you’ll eventually find a record that your friend will love. Your Christmas gift might even prompt them to buy a record player and start collecting! Vinyl sales have been increasing over the last few years so recently-released albums are easier to find. Check out Satchmi or places like Cubao Expo and the basement of Makati Cinema Square for your pick.

D&D Custom Guitars x Sandwich Signature Axes

If fashion icons have signature clothing, musicians have signature instruments. Our very own D&D Custom Guitars partnered up with Raymund Marasigan, Mong Alcaraz, and Diego Castillo of Sandwich to release the Sandwich Signature Axes guitar series! Marasigan built “The Raygun”, Castillo built “The Dayglo”, and Alcarez built “The T-Rex”. The guitars are extremely affordable and D&D Custom Guitars have branches in Pasig, Glorietta 5, and SM Mall of Asia.

What are you waiting for? Go do your last minute Christmas shopping! Oh, and if anyone’s wondering what I’d like from the list this Christmas it’s the D&D “T-Rex” guitar. Happy holidays!

Featured image from HiConsumption

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