How many people can one person truly be?

To be multiple things at the same time is a concept deemed unachievable by so many of us. However, there are some individuals that we come across who attempt to blur the concept and manage to successfully dismiss it entirely.

Everyday Superwoman

As one who currently doing her very best to be a host, content creator, endorser, among others, there is nothing quite like a person to admire for seemingly pulling a Superwoman everyday — and with ease at that — than Joyce Pring’s.

Joyce Pring
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It’s almost impossible for anyone in this generation to not have seen or heard of the name. Television? Radio? Online? Concerts? Schools? Chances are, you have already witnessed her grace at least 3 of these, and probably all in the same day.

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Aspiring to Inspiring

Joyce is a radio DJ, events host, musician, and racer who, some years ago, used to be a simple arts student with a heart and mind to be more. Much, much more.

From the time she submitted an entry to be the next Myx VJ in 2011, we have followed her journey ever since. We have also witnessed as she went from being a “wannabe” to who-everybody-aims-to-be. So far, in her 6-year career, we have seen her work alongside Ramon Bautista (yes, Tales from the Friendzone!), post song covers on YouTube (and elsewhere), and host a variety of events. She also became the face of many different brands from fashion, beauty, lifestyle, music and tech.

With all success & amount of work on her plate, amount of people she inspires & gravitates toward her dedication also multiplies unstoppably by the day. And, without fail, she continues to keep us locked and wonder what she will choose to become next.

This, precisely, is the reason why Joyce is our ultimate gal for this year’s women’s month.

Everyday is every woman’s day (1/3)

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To keep going after the next big thing, wherever it may lead, is the direction that every modern woman takes fearlessly yet does it with a certain amount of gentleness. This boldness is taught, and is perfectly represented by this one-woman machine as she proves stronger in every day that she hustles with whatever medium she takes on.

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Finally, From the girls of U DO U, we thank you, Joyce, for inspiring, motivating, and representing the dynamic, ever-evolving women that we are.