What happens when you serve food with joy in your heart? A ripple effect of happiness!

Jollibee USA is taking its game to the next level, dropping a cute and catchy musical advertisement that will resonate with all Filipinos across the globe. Entitled ‘Ripple Effect,’ the 30-seconder takes viewers through the process of how a universally adored Chickenjoy experience comes about– from the preparation stage to the moment the fried chicken reaches the counter. But underneath it all is an important message– or more of a reminder of a basic but typically neglected human truth: do things with joy and you’ll be sharing love and positivity with those around you.

In the short-but-sweet, one-shot commercial, we get to accompany a Jollibee staff as he arrives at work, singing, and with a smile on his face. He is welcomed by an equally cheerful co-worker, who belts the line, “Put on a smile and share some happiness, you might need it, too.” The flow of tasks continues; we see a man designated in the breading department, and a female crew doing the frying. As the freshly prepared and crispy-looking bucket of Chickejoy arrives on the counter, the customer receives his order and leaves the scene with an evident sense of contentment– the end product of a process rooted in a mission to make people happy.


Widely known as the “McDonald’s of the Philippines,” Jollibee is the country’s leading fast-food chain with over 780 stores in its homeland alone. As it continues its global expansion, the mega-popular brand now has more than 270 stores in other countries including Kuwait, Hongkong, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and the United States of America. In the US,  Jollibee has at least over 40 stores to date, with a presence in different states like Arizona, California, New York, Texas, etc.

Jollibee, at its very core, has always been about giving joy. Its Filipino tagline ‘Bida ang saya‘ is a line that has stuck with every Filipino all their lives. Now that the fast-food behemoth taking on another big force namely the United States, it’s such a pleasure to see that it is staying true to its core identity. Even if the commercial was made in a foreign land, even if the actors are of different nationalities and the dialogue is spoken in English, the homely, nostalgic Jollibee spirit can be felt there– bringing Filipinos a sense of home and familiarity, wherever part of the world they may be.

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