Everyone your age is either getting married or having kids, but here you are, still single. But it’s okay! Here’s why we think so!

Our 20’s is probably the busiest times of our lives. We go to college and graduate. First jobs and experiencing the real world. We’re just starting to build our careers. It takes up a lot of growing and exploring. These things considered, hearing about your batchmates getting married or having kids is a bit shocking. At 21, 2 of my exes who are just about my age have married the love of their lives already. If you’ve experienced this, somehow you knew it would come, but you didn’t know it would come this soon. And if you’re a part of the population who chooses to be single, you might feel the pressure. There can also be friends and family asking you why you’re still single. “You should find a boyfriend already!” “You don’t want to marry old.” “Are you going to just be a crazy cat lady?”

There are the questions that people ask you, but then there are also questions you ask yourself. “Am I supposed to be getting married at this age? Am I supposed to be having kids? How do I do that if I don’t even have a boyfriend?” Hush those thoughts, honey. We understand that staying single while having to watch people around you fall in love could feel like you’re being left behind, but you’re not. Being single in your 20’s is more than okay. And here are some reasons!

You have a career to flourish.

If there’s a perfect time to work on building a stable career, this is it. You’re at the best of your health and you’ve got the most of your time. Being single allows you to take bigger opportunities like taking on a new job that requires you to relocate or travel. Also, less time spent on love means more time spent on focusing on your goals and building the person you want yourself to be!

You have a family to cherish.

Romance isn’t the only fulfilling thing in the world. While you’re waiting for the love of your life to come by, why not spend some much-needed quality time with the family? And while your friends are all spending money and effort on dates, you have all the chance to bond with the greatest people in your life! When worse comes to worst, the family are the first people you can run to without fear of judgment.

You have yourself.

Take this time to work on yourself. Reassess your goals, where you want to be in life, whether it includes another person or not. Work on your mental health, your stability. Work on being okay on your own. Because in your 20’s, you really need a lot of time adjusting into adulthood. It’s always better to work on being the best version of yourself so that when the right person does come along, you’d also be right for him/ her.

You are young.

The thing is, dating at a young age has become such a common thing that we feel old when we reach our 20’s and we’re still single. It’s easy to feel like we’re running out of time. But you know, it’s okay not to have everything figured out yet! It’s also okay if you prefer not to be in a relationship. And it’s also okay if you’re still waiting for the right person. Don’t rush! You have all the time in the world to find love. It’s better to be single than to be with the wrong person.

It’s as the saying goes, “The world is your oyster!” Don’t let the pressure get into your head, because you don’t really need someone to have a life. Cherish your season of singleness, because it is where you find yourself and your purpose!

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