Is it okay to ask for your partner’s social media accounts?

Have you ever wondered if it’s okay to ask for your partner’s social media accounts? Find out the answer here!

If you’ve been or are in a relationship, you’ve probably fought with your partner at least once when it comes to having each other’s accounts. There are some couples who seem completely fine with it, while some are not. Others want to have it just to be kept updated on each other’s life. And there are who believe it’s a breach of their privacy. And in some instances, some see it as a reassurance that their partner isn’t cheating.

So it boils down to one thing. Is it really okay to ask for your partner’s social media accounts? We’ve asked a few people about their opinion regarding this matter to finally put an end to this dispute. Check out their answers here:

Disclaimer: We’ve changed the names and ages of the participants to protect their privacy.

Hell, no!

  1. Social media is a part of our individualistic expression. So if my partner messes with that, I would feel very controlled and limited. (Peter, 35)
  2. No. Because you have to have your own personal space. You won’t be your own person if you give access to your innermost thoughts to someone else. It’s like you’re giving yourself no room to breathe. (Janine, 23)
  3. The only reason for the root of the need for having your social media accounts is doubt. And you can’t have a healthy relationship if you don’t trust your partner. So it’s having each other’s accounts is not really the issue, it’s the lack of trust. (Freya, 21)

It’s fine as long as…

  1. In all of my past experiences, all of my exes and I had each other’s accounts but we refrain from doing kalkal or going through their messages. (Mat, 27)
  2. It’s so that you have a security blanket and sort of like you already know what’s happening in their life so you can anticipate what they need in life more. (Kim, 26)
  3. I don’t really mind if my partner has my account because I trust her and she trusts me. If it would make her worries disappears then why not? It doesn’t feel like you’re being controlled anyway, rather, I would prefer to let her have peace of mind. (Rodson, 24)
  4. Maybe it’s the last thing people with irrational fears and trust issues can resort to so that no cheating will happen. It’s for those who just want to be kept in the loop in the life of their partners. And it’s also a reassurance if they have trust issues. (Jazzel, 22)

What really matters…

At the end of the day, these opinions are just opinions. It’s up to you and your partner to decide what’s best for your relationship. If he or she happens to be uncomfortable in giving his or her accounts, then don’t push him or her to do so. But if you’re someone or with someone who easily feels insecure, then there’s no real end to it than just to compromise, right? 

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give your accounts, you just have to try and come up with something you and your partner would be both satisfied with. If you’re not prepared to understand and trust each other then what’s the point of having a relationship in the first place? It all comes down to your willingness to fix your issues in your relationship. That’s what matters most.

What do you think? Is it okay to ask for your partner’s social media accounts? We’d love to hear from you! So share with us your thoughts and questions down below! Or you can hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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