IQOS – I Quit Ordinary Smoking is the new trend for our smoking friends out there. But how helpful can this new product really be in terms of making people quit smoking?

There’s an estimated 17.3 million smokers in the Philippines. What do you think would help them quit?

A new smoking alternative is making a buzz in the country. It claims to produce less harmful chemicals compared to regular cigarettes and would help smokers quit smoking. So let’s get to know more about IQOS – I Quit Ordinary Smoking!

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Philip Morris’ IQOS

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Philip Morris International, the leading tobacco company in the world, shocked the world with a new campaign “Designing a smoke-free future”. They released a product called IQOS (I Quit Ordinary Smoking). It was introduced a few years back but the recent model was released last November 15.

The innovation is a smoking alternative, a healthier one claimed by the company. It is a “heat not burn” smokeless tobacco device that produces less harmful chemicals to save smokers’ bodies. It is composed of the pen device, a slick designed holder (charger), and mini tobacco sticks.

How does it work?

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Compared to other smoking alternatives, IQOS it doesn’t vaporize liquid but tobacco itself. To use it, first, the pen is charged using the cool looking IQOS holder for a few minutes (5-10mins), once ready, put the mini tobacco sticks in the pen to heat it up then puff away for 6 minutes (14 hits). After the session, the pen must be charged again for another stick.

How is IQOS better than regular cigarettes?

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IQOS is claimed to be better than regular cigarettes by PMI because it lowers down health risk by producing less harmful chemicals. Regular cigarettes are lit up through combustion at 600 Celsius which of course burns the tobacco. Doing so, it produces carcinogens and toxicants that harms the body. IQOS does not burn tobacco, it just heats it up at 350 Celsius, enough to vaporize it. With combustion being absent in the process it eliminates the production of some harmful agents without sacrificing the experience.

Will IQOS stop people from smoking?

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There was a lot of controversy revolving this PMI product. Some say it is hypocritical for the company to release such device. Truly, it can be mind-boggling for one of the biggest cigarette company to make an anti-smoking campaign, but despite that does the product really help people quit regular smoking?

Well, for one, smokers get to consume lesser nicotine which is the addictive chemical in tobacco. Two, because of the charging time, it helps stop chain smoking. and lastly, the mini tobacco sticks are a bit pricey a pack. These are good points, right? But some anti-tobacco organizations fear that because of the “cool” appearance of the device and the hype it is getting might encourage younger people and other non-smokers to try it.

At the end of the day, smoking cigarettes is bad for your health. Your willingness to quit is up to you and your discipline. To all aspiring quitters, we support you and your road to a smoke-free life!

What do you think about IQOS I Quit Ordinary Smoking? Do you think this is going to be helpful for smokers to quit cigarettes? Let us know down the comment section below. Or connect with us on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh