Pride Month may be over but for genderqueer people, the party’s just starting as they celebrate the International Non-Binary Day 2019!

International Non-Binary Day what? If you think Pride Month is the only celebration we have for our beloved LGBT peers, then you’re mistaken. Because every July 14 of the year, the International Non-Binary Day is celebrated all throughout the world. And we’re all for the visibility, solidarity, and resistance of non-binary people who struggle in the closed-minded conventional society with outdated binary ways of thinking.

Little did we know, the LGBT community branches out more than we know. The general mass knows only the lesbian, gay, bisexuals and transgenders. But there’s more. And among the long list of labels are the non-binary peers. As much as we hate labels, these labels in the LGBT community hold their identities that the conventional society doesn’t want to acknowledge. No wonder they observe a special day to celebrate their identities that get lost in translation.

What does non-binary means?

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Non-binary refers to a spectrum of gender identities that do not fall exclusively to masculine or feminine identities. It’s more of identities that are outside the gender binary.

People who identify themselves as non-binary can have a complex way of identifying themselves within the spectrum. They can have two or more genders, move between genders, have a fluctuating gender identity or have no gender at all. It’s quite confusing, so to speak, but unknown to the majority, non-binary people comprise a big percentage of the LGBT community. That’s why non-binary people celebrate this day to increase non-binary visibility and, of course, pride.

For non-binary people, labels tend to be restricting. Identifying your sexuality can be enlightening but at the same time, dreadful. It feels like you have to act upon the identity society has bestowed upon you. But it can’t be like that. All the pressure they feel when people look at them weird for how they act or how they dress.

It’s about being human

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Other LGBT members, they’ve decided who they are and what they will be. They have this sense of self-realization and direction. But for non-binary people, it’s a never-ending self-discovery. They can feel like an effeminate man one second then a masculine lady the next. Or be both at the same time. Or have identified themselves as no gender at all. Life is organic, after all.

All these LGBT speak may seem daunting for the general public. Because it is. But knowing about it, being aware of it means a lot for non-binary people who struggle in their daily lives. Being non-binary is wobbly in nature. But despite being gender-non-conforming, they still belong in our society. And play a huge part in it. It’s not just about being someone, it’s about being human. So showing a little bit of support and appreciation to our non-binary peers won’t hurt. A little understanding and acceptance goes above and beyond their lifelong battle. What’s a little love, right?
So be sure to give your non-binary friend a pat on the back or even a small smile as you greet them a “Happy Non-Binary Day”!

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