If you think the road to being Instagram famous is easy, then you thought wrong.

If we are all being honest, our daily lives usually revolve around social media platforms. It doesn’t just connect us with our friends but lets us show the world who we really are. The thing is, social media platforms like Instagram has evolved over the years. The community has grown and some people using Instagram are lucky enough to be what they call “Insta-famous”. But behind the spotlight and the scrutinizing eyes of more than thousands of followers, getting the likes, shares, and hearts is never an easy task. After all, being famous won’t last if you can’t keep up, right?

The Sad Truth About The Journey to Instagram Stardom

While browsing through Instagram stories, a certain story caught my eye. A journey of a girl towards Instagram stardom that went sour. Lissette Calveiro was the typical doe-eyed girl who wanted to live the dream in Miami, like it was “Sex and the City.”

At 26 years old, Lissette documents her life on her Instagram for the world to see. From buying new outfits online, eating out with her friends, and to traveling and flaunting her new experiences in life. She wanted to look “picture perfect” in the Instagram world. However, despite the elegant and dazzling social media life she’s living in, in real life, Lissette was struggling financially. Back then, her internship only covered transportation expenses. She had to live off her savings and get a part-time retail job. Right after getting a full-time publicist job in Miami, Lissette still found herself in a sinking ship. She sank into a $10,000 debt as she tried to live the perfect Instagram life.

As an Instagram influencer, Lissette had to live above her means to keep up. Show off her latest fashion hauls, her fancy dinner, and share her Insta-worthy pictures of her vacation escapades. All of Lissette’s money from work went to her unnecessary expenses to show off a fashionable Instagram life.

She’s splurged her money on new clothes, just so she won’t be seen wearing the same clothes twice. Even on designer items like vintage Louis Vitton bags and Kate Spade. You can see here eating out at fancy restaurants and diners, buying food that’s worth gold. Aside from that, she had this desire to travel to new places every month. Let’s say, Las Vegas, Bahamas, and adventure-filled places worthy of her Instagram aesthetic. An increasing debt just for that. All of those things just for likes and hearts. All for the perfect ‘gram.

Lissette’s turnaround

But in late 2016, Lissette found her self contemplating about her life choices. She’s young and growing into a career. But with all the baggage she has because of trying to live above her means, she’s like riding a burning train. So she decided to cut down her expenses. She slowed her Instagram activity and recycled content in her curated online life. She still did her usual splurges but tried to be more reasonable about it as possible. And after fourteen months of careful financing, she was able to pay off her debt. Not only that, she managed to save as well and be more cautious about her lifestyle.

And it’s true, the social standards Instagram community has unintentionally instilling is quite destructive. Especially for young, naive people who dream of going big someday in social media. Lissette, herself, regrets blowing off loads of money for years. But she’s still young and has her whole life ahead of hers to make that perfect turnaround and make things right.

So, if you are an aspiring social media influencer, think about your choices wisely. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Especially in a third world country like ours. One mistake and you can see yourself go down in ashes. Be mindful of how you live your life and flaunt it in social media. It’s not bad to share grand things you do in life but it shouldn’t compromise your finances. If you think money doesn’t make the world go round, then you’re wrong. You can have a whole lot of followers and likes and shares but they can’t help you in times of need.

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