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Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms today. And many have capitalized on the platform in creating an online presence. It is an all-in-one platform wherein you can share stories, images, videos, and even create content through IG TV. It has everything you need! And I strongly believe that it is one of the most effective platforms in creating an online presence. It can be a gateway for you to branch out on a bigger platform such as YouTube!

While many aspire to become a known social media personality, building a presence is hard. It requires a lot of resources, most especially your time. And if you are not fully into it, there is a small chance for your channel to grow. But if you are one of those people who’d love to become like those famous IG influencers, then you’ve clicked on the right article. We are here to help you in the process of building your social media presence through Instagram. So here are some tips on how to build your presence if you are an aspiring influencer.

Building your feed

One factor why people follow a certain Instagram account is because of the aesthetic that they see. There are two things that you need to consider in creating your own aesthetic, the content of your feed, and the theme that you’ll be using. For the content, what would you like your account to be about? Is it fashion? Travel? Food? Music? You have to be clear about your content, so think about what your brand is all about. The second is the theme of your feed. One thing that you need to consider in creating your theme is the color of your feed. Using color can be a good way to catch other people’s attention. Some use single-color themes, while others use double color themes.

So choose a color theme and always remember to edit it accordingly. For example, if your content is about nightlife at pubs and bar, you can use neon or other colors that can be seen in the places that you go. Then you don’t want to edit your photos in higher brightness, you’d want it to be a little underexposed and add a little saturation to the colors so that the neon theme or other lighting in the places you go to pop up and you can feel that it is the nightlife. Remember, Instagram is all about being visually attractive.


Being Consistent

Once you have considered your aesthetic, the next thing that you should focus on is being consistent. Consistency in posting and sticking to the theme of your feed is a must. People follow IG accounts because of what they first see when they clicked on your feed. And what you do after they hit that follow button matters. If people started following you for travel then it means those people want to see some travel content. If people followed you for posting music stuff, then it means they followed you to see music-related content. Be consistent. If you are interested in posting other stuff on top of your content, try doing content of the month. Give your followers a heads up so that they won’t get confused about why the sudden change of content.


Producing Fun Contents

As I said, Instagram is a gateway for people who are aspiring to make it big on YouTube. So if you want to be an IG influencer at the same time want to give vlogging a shot, try producing fun content first at Instagram through IG TV. You can create a list of things that you can post specifically on your IG TV. Let us say your theme is about food, you can produce a weekly cooking show wherein you cook while you answer your follower’s questions. Or if your content is about travel you can try producing content about your travel experiences and the places you believe that people should go to at least once in their life. Then once you find the right content that gets you the most views on your IG TV, you can try and bring it to YouTube and expand your horizons.


Interact with Follower

Interaction with your followers is something that you must do. It keeps them engage and gives them a reason aside from your aesthetic feed and content to stay and keep on subscribing to you. So try to go live and get to know your followers. Interact with them by letting them know that you care for them and not only for their heart reacts and comments.

You can do some interactive games, or you can tell personal stories of your experiences and make them share their personal stories, or maybe give them some advice about life. Building this kind of relationship with your followers will help you build your own community. And from that community, you can have better growth as an influencer. Being an influencer is not just about the glam, it is also about being able to reach people and give them something that they can live by. 


Utilize every Feature

Instagram is an all-in-one platform. So you should know how to utilize each of the app’s features. You can post simple and short vlogs on IG TV, you can share snippets of your life through IG stories, you can be intimate with your followers through IG live. It is more than just posting pictures. So you need to create different content for each feature to makes sure that you are making the best out of it. So maybe create a list of things that you can do for each of the features and plan a schedule that is doable for you to remain consistent in creating content for your followers!


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