Have you ever had a staring competition with your laptop screen wondering what to do next for your current project?

The creative rut is one of the worst nightmares for a creative. May it be for writing or graphic content creation, being in a rut sucks!  But the thing is, being in a rut is part of the creative process. But sometimes the timing sucks right? Trying to meet deadlines but then suddenly in a blink of an eye, you’re lost, then BAM! You’re stuck. It is one of those things that you can’t avoid and will eventually happen at the least expected time. So what should I do if I am in a creative rut?

Take a breather!

Stop! Just stop. Forcing your brain to produce something when clearly it is not in the condition is just worthless. You can try, but in the end, it will add more pressure to you and can lead to total frustration. It’s like forcing to drink an empty juice pack, no matter how hard you sip it’s empty and nothing will come out of it. So just stop.

Do Physical Activities

Engaging in physical activities is not only good for your bones and muscle, it is also good for your creativity. When you’re in a rut, the best way to blow off the frustration you are feeling is to move. Do some physical and channel that frustration you’re feeling into that activity. According to a study conducted by Stanford, walking indoor or outdoor helps in boosting creative inspiration. Does it work? Well, I was able to write this article so I guess it works.

Go hang out with your friends!

Go relax and hang out with your friends! Bonding is a great way to alleviate the frustration you are feeling in the middle of your creative rut. So go out, have drinks and dinner with your friends, go to the mall, or go have a short road trip with your friends. Just go and hangout! But if you really feel the need to continue your work, go talk with your friends who are in the same creative field as you and try to ask them for inputs and bounce ideas with each other.

Look for an inspiration

Finding inspiration nowadays is easier than ever. With all the platforms that have emerged in the past years, you can easily look for inspirations that fit your needs. With the help of the internet, you can easily check out some other professional works by other creative and find something to inspire you and hopefully pull you out of the rut. So search for other people’s work that attracts or inspires you the most and follow them so that the next time you undergo a creative rut, you can easily find your inspiration.

Go back to your purpose

One possible reason why creative rut occurs is when we are lost to and could not find the reason as to why we ever started. So always check your purpose of WHY you are doing it. I believe that everything we do starts with a purpose and you won’t last long enough to what you are doing if you don’t see a big picture of why you are doing it. So if you are experiencing a rut and just lost and don’t know what to write or what story to produce for content, go back to your purpose of WHY you are doing it and use it to push you through the creative rut you are in.

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