As an introvert, stepping out of my comfort zone is probably one of the hardest tasks I’ve ever done. The struggle is real until now, you guys, but gradually I can see myself growing as a person. We can’t always lock ourselves in our ivory tower.

So how was I able to do it? Check out these tips:

Hang out with friends

I used to go out completely alone, because I feel more contented and at peace when I have my time to myself. But it all changed when I experienced going out with friends for consecutive days. I wondered why I haven’t been doing it the whole time. I still feel the need to go out alone, but I totally prefer having companies now.

Take risks

Even the greatest risk takers feel afraid when taking the leap, but it’s definitely an effective way to act beyond our comfort zones. You’re not going anywhere if you always say no to opportunities. There’s a universe out there waiting to be seen.

Focus on the fun

I tend to overthink a lot. Like really, a LOT. I have tons of what ifs in my head that they end up making me miss all the fun. Two cents for you – just focus on the fun. Think about all the fun you’ll experience if you just jump and fall. That way, you won’t have to worry about your doubts.

Change your routine

Routines are that invisible cage that locks you in your comfort zone. Sooner or later, you’ll realize that you’ve wasted months or years in a routine that didn’t even give you the opportunity to grow. Do something different every day or week. Personally, I have a list of to-dos to keep my Saturdays interesting after a tiring work week.

Talk to strangers

I know our parents warned us about talking to strangers, but really, I love talking to them because I’m able to exchange ideas, opinions and dreams that I haven’t told my closest friends before. Thank the universe for the digital age–it’s now easier to connect with people all over the globe. Just be extra cautious!

Go to events and parties

When I did my pre-graduation bucketlist, I felt sad because I had to cross off “attend a party” as there were no upcoming events at the university that time. Don’t let it happen to you! It took me 22 years before I finally went to a party, and I had a culture shock because I didn’t know how parties worked. But trust me, these kinda events are a must especially when you’re in your 20s.

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You don’t wanna wake up one day when you’re 40, and feel like you missed out on a lot. Don’t wait until the last minute to do everything you could have done when you had the time. Attend as much events, take a lot of risks, enjoy life as much as you can.

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