Online shopping is great until you find yourself low on funds because you’ve spent too much. So we have some tips that hopefully will help you regulate your online shopping habit!

Online shopping isn’t bad. In fact, it’s been one of the biggest forms of purchasing we do nowadays, and online shops like Shopee or Lazada have become the means of several vendors where they could sell their product. But as our Miss Universe 2018 said, everything is okay in moderation!

The problem is that with online shopping, we tend to overspend. No judgment! We have fallen victim to it too, one too many times. The fun truth is, online shopping doesn’t differ very much from when you’re actually going to the store physically to buy something, so the principles of how not to overspend during an online shopping could be a bit similar. However, to be able to look at the hows, let us first think about why online shopping is so addictive!

The convenience

Let’s face it. We sometimes get too lazy nowadays. And with online shopping, we can now purchase items and have them delivered to us without leaving the comfort of our homes! Apparel, accessories, gadgets or appliances and– get this– even food! While some of these are easily accessible through our local markets, we must admit that online shopping sites have made for an easier transaction when it comes to buying products. We no longer have to go through the hassle of figuring out where to find an item we want. It’s readily available in just one click! Plus, the options are endless. I may sound like I’m promoting online shopping sites now, but I’m not. We just can’t deny the fact that it’s way easier to use!

The illusion

Online shopping can be a bit deceiving if you don’t keep yourself on track. The thing is, when you go buy something from the internet, it’s just you adding things to your cart and checking it out. You don’t physically see your money slowly disappearing. This is basically the same principle on which some of us base our choice of not using credit cards. So you place your order and wait for the item. When it arrives, you’d have to pay it, and that’s the only time you’d realize how much money you spent on this item. That’s the trick of it. You don’t know you’re spending a lot because you’re only looking at numbers and not physical cash.

How to regulate your online shopping habits

Luckily, just like physical shopping, there are some ways that can help you keep your online shopping purchase to a minimum!

Needs before wants!

Well, this goes with every type of spending. Ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” If not, then you can classify that item under your “wants”. And you know, “wants” always come after “needs”. Which means if you don’t have enough money for your needs in the first place or feel like you’d be negative on budget, DON’T buy that item. Simple as that! That way, you’d never have to regret purchasing anything.

Also, think about the purpose of why you’re buying the item. You can say you need one thing, but how frequent will you need it? An important thing to remember about buying stuff online is whether or not you’re going to be able to fully utilize the item you purchased.

Set a limit!

Limit your amount of spend when it comes to online shopping. Most of the time, this is only leisure, so you really have to be aware of how much you’re spending. For example, you ave t tell yourself you’re only allowed to spend a certain amount of online shopping for each month. But we all have experienced the joy of adding things to our carts right? Well, just in case you go over your monthly limit, you have an option to check out only certain items! Take those shoes first, the bags and dresses can go for next time.

 Avoid shopping apps

Sopping apps won’t be a problem if you have very strong self-control. But you know yourself! For me, I know I’d want to scroll through items to kill time, and uninstalling shopping apps really helped. That way I wouldn’t have to fight the temptation to use it and buy stuff! Well, of course, there’s the fact that I can easily reinstall it anytime, but it helps not seeing them each time I use my phone. I know a friend who refuses to create her own account on shopping sites because she knows she would order and order if she has one. She sometimes asks me to order stuff she needs, but that’s it! Just a tip, and who knows, maybe it would help you, too!

3 reasons

This is just a quick tip a friend gave me: think of three reasons why you need to buy it, before actually buying it. and if you can’t come up with three, then don’t! This has helped me in a lot of situations, especially when my little sister would convince me to buy her things she’d only use once, like slime. It’s also good to remember that things don’t always look like they do online.

Were no financial experts, but we hope these tips help you regulate your online shopping habits! Unless you’re one of us who just enjoys online window shopping (LOL). Share us what you think about these tips on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.