Ahh, Valentine’s Day! The most anticipated holiday of the year for couples! And I’m sure for most of you, this day has been full of flowers, balloons, chocolates, lovey-dovey couples, and other grand gestures! And most especially on social media!

But in the age of social media, where it has influenced change in courting, flirting, and other aspects about love. We just wonder how social media has changed Valentine’s Day. And if it’s changed for the worse or the better.

So how has social media changed Valentine’s Day?

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On the surface, Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love. But if you look at it a little closer, it’s also one big consumerist scam! But that’s not really a surprise, after all, we indulge in all the chocolates that go on sale after Valentine’s Day. But even worse, it’s somehow turned into an unspoken competition with other couples.

As humans, we can’t help but compare ourselves and our partners to other people. And social media has made it even easier to do. Because somehow we have developed a need to share every bit of information in our lives. And all for what? Validation? Popularity? But at what cost?

Let’s say that your partner surprised you this morning with breakfast in bed and a bouquet of flowers. And then you take out your phone and open Instagram. And you see a friend of yours who was surprised by their partner by some grand gesture. And you start to think to yourself, “why didn’t my partner do this for me?” Or “why didn’t my partner get me that?”

Overall, what matters most is that no matter how much social media has changed Valentine’s Day, you mustn’t let it change you. You must not let it change your own viewpoint on love. So that no matter who or what kind of grand gesture you see online, you can’t let it affect you and how you view your own relationship.

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