How Many Of Today’s Internet Slang Do You Know?

So in today’s episode of are you feeling old yet, let’s talk about the internet slang of today and how many of them do you know?

Language is always evolving and with it so do slang words. And gone are the days when the internet was full of “yaaaassss” and “#blessed”. So let’s not be obsolete dinosaurs and learn a little of today’s internet slang, shall we?


So first we have the internet slang word “uwu”. It’s a slang word that’s said in a reaction to something cute. And sometimes people use it to replace the word cute itself. It also sometimes varies from “uwu” to “owo”. Simple enough, right? So here’s an example:


So moving on to the second of today’s internet slang words, we have “sksksk”. This slang word can mean many things, it can be a reaction to something funny or shocking. And is mostly associated with VSCO girls. Now, what are VSCO girls, you ask? Well, that’s a discussion for an entirely different time. So be patient my dinosaurs.

But getting back to “sksksk,” for us, it’s an evolution of the “asdfghjkl”. So while “asdfghjkl” was just mainly used for when you were lost for words, it has evolved into “sksksk” to cover more meaning. So here’s an example:

sco pa tu manaa

Now this one is a real doozy, even some of us here at U Do U admit that this one missed us completely. This internet slang has some very peculiar roots, and in actuality don’t really mean anything! It’s basically gibberish! And we have Ghanaian rapper Patapaa to thank for it. So after a little digging, we found that Patapaa is known to add gibberish in his songs. So the Twitter-verse assigned its own meaning to the phrase. It now means, “what experience does this remind you of?”

For example, a person would post a photo or video of, let’s say burritos and caption it with “sco pa tu manaa?” So basically, he’s asking what do you think of burritos? Or what’s your opinion on burritos. So you see, it’s very similar to the “Unpopular Opinion” trend.


Now the meaning of this slang word you probably know, as it’s one of the more widely used ones. The slang word “tea” means gossip. It can be compared to the slang word “deets” from the 2010s. And when someone says “spill the tea,” it means to share the gossip. Here’s an example:


And lastly, we have “MFW” which is an abbreviation for the phrase “my face when”. And it’s pretty self-explanatory but we’ll give you an example anyway:

So we hope you learned something today and not feel like complete dinosaurs anymore! But kidding aside, we should learn from our predecessors and not look down on the slang words of today’s generation. Because every generation has them, and they’re all odd sounding to older and younger generations alike!

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So what do you think of today’s internet slang? And how many of them did you know the meaning of? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.