If you’re in the north, one of the hottest spots to hear good music and get a drink is Katipunan, QC. It’s a university area, after all. And where there are students, there are also talented bands. (We don’t know if you’ve heard, but it’s simply a sin to graduate without attending a gig in the area.) At the very least, check out Route 196 or The Pop Up Katipunan!

And yes, we won’t forget to mention that some bars in this area have closed down. RIP DREWS, RIP TORTUGA, and if you ever caught it, RIP CANTINA, et al. But that’s okay because there are now new places in the neighborhood like The Pop Up Katipunan and more.

And for this post, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite places in Katipunan where you can get a drink—all for the love of music!

1. Route 196

Route 196 signage shows Tom's Story, Flying Ipis, and Peryodiko

We are Manila Northside’s favorite live music venue!

Where you might’ve seen it: Band music videos

Why we love it here: They have the sickest line-ups, and you may possibly get the best gig experience of your life HERE!

2. The Pop Up

Why it’s super unique: Refurbished container vans turned into a mall! Need we say more?

Why we love it here: It’s the NEWEST events place in Katipunan, and they’ve been bringing us some of the best acts of the country rn!

3. Walrus

What to get: This place has some of the B-E-S-T cocktails! And if you really want to know, our go-to drink is called Strawberry Fields.

Why we love it here: It’s an ode to The Beatles! Plus, they also host gigs here, so make sure you check ’em out.

4. Country Side

More than drinks: As much as we love getting drinks, we also love how people go to this place for the food! So if you’re craving for some inihaw or bulalo to go with your drink, this is THE place to be.

Why we love it: Country Side, or simply CS, started simply as an ihawan place with good bulalo who also serve drinks. But now they’re a legit establishment, and like we said, it’s THE place to be if you want a good pulutan to go with your drinks.

5. Katips

Why you might’ve gone here before: College and university organizations usually host their events here, and we’re sure you’ve gone to here to get a drink to support a friend’s event or two.

Why we love it: Come on, it’s KATIPS! This is how people fondly call Katipunan, and we love how this bar just owns that.

We hope this list helps you fulfill that very important goal of going to a Katip gig before graduation, whether it’s at Routw 196 or The Pop Up Katipunan. Or if you’ve already graduated, we hope we’ve helped you get a drink (and good music) when you’re up north. And we only ask one thing from you in return, DRINK RESPONSIBLY.