Here’s a question, how many of last year’s goals did you actually accomplish?

common New Year resolutions

It was around 4,000 years ago when the Babylonians first started the tradition of having New Year resolutions, and four millennia later we are still practicing it! Now, having practiced it for so long, humans are bound to develop common New Year resolutions—and that’s to be expected. So here are some of the most common New Year Goals, and why you’re doing it all wrong!

Having New Year resolutions is actually a great way to set a path for the year to come. Because you’re setting standards and expectations for yourself, which can be both fulfilling and challenging. And are two things that are very essential in personal growth. But you should also be conscious of what kind of resolutions you’re setting. Especially if they’re common New Year resolutions, ones like weight loss or quitting bad habits, and here’s why.

Ask yourself, how many of your resolutions from last year did you actually accomplish? And how many of your resolutions this year were the same as last year? You see, there’s a reason why we fail to stick to our New Year resolutions. And that’s because they lack an actual specific goal.

To find out what we mean, read on for some examples below!

1. “Magda-diet na ako!

common New Year resolutions

So one of the classic common New Year resolutions is, “magda-diet na ko.” Or, in English, “I’m going to start losing weight!” And there’s nothing wrong with that sentiment. Except it’s not realistic and achievable. In order for it to become realistic and achievable, we need to tweak it a little. Instead of saying “I’m going to start losing weight.” You can say, “This year I will hit my target weight of 55 kg!”

Are you starting to get what we mean? You see by being more specific in your resolutions and goals is the first step into actualizing them. Because when you finally have a specific resolution you can then think of specific steps in order to achieve it. And in turn, it will be a more effective resolution than just vaguely stating an intent.

2. “Mag-iipon na ako!

common New Year resolutions

And the same concept goes for another common New Year resolution, which is “mag-iipon na ko” or “I’m going to start saving money”. Again, you need to be more specific than that! So a more effective resolution would be, “This year I will aim to acquire at least 50,000 PHP in savings!” And with it, you can now set appropriate measures to achieve it. Maybe you can put aside a certain amount every month, or create a dedicated bank account for it, or maybe put a spending cap on yourself every month. And whatever else necessary so you can be a step closer to your resolution.

3. “Hindi ako _______!

common New Year resolutions

And finally the classic “I will stop doing this and that” resolution! So whatever it is you’re pledging to stop, make sure it’s not a general and vague intent. Because most people always start off with good intentions, but they don’t always end up doing what they intended. And it’s all because they weren’t specific enough. So this year instead of saying, “I will stop smoking!” Maybe you can say, “I will limit myself to one cigarette per day.”

Overall, New Year’s resolutions should be more than just stating stuff you want to do. And you should really take the time to thoroughly think about your New Year resolutions. So you don’t end up wasting the opportunity to start the year right! But don’t worry too much! After all, you’ve got the whole year to get it right!

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So which of these common New Year resolutions are you guilty of committing? We’d love to know what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.