Looking for some easy ways to put a smile on your loved ones’ faces? Well, sweat no more ‘cuz we’re serving you with some easy DIY ideas for the holidays!

The holidays–without a doubt–are the most wonderful time of the year. And arguably, the most hectic because we have all these preparations including finding the perfect gift for our loved one. But how can we do it given a short period? And not to mention the crowd of people and long lines.


So if you’re finding yourself going through the Internet searching for “easy gift ideas”, you’re in luck ‘cuz here’s our list of DIYs to make the spirit of giving easier for all of us!

1. Gemstone Frame

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Who would have thought that those gems lying around your house would finally be put into good use? And if you’re feeling extra special, you could top it off with some used newspaper to give it an artsy feel!

2. Mini Pallet Coasters

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This one might be a little tricky but definitely worth it! Remember those stick art projects you had when you were young? You can recycle them into these mini coasters–perfect for mum and dad! All you have to do is layer the wooden pieces and decorate them to your liking.

3. Felt Clutch Bag

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Here’s one gift idea you can use for any occasion. Just get some felt paper, sew it into a clutch, add a button with an elastic hook for easy opening and closing, and voila! You got yourself a handy gift for all your friends and family. Cost-efficient too! *wink*

4. Headbands From Fabric Excess

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The Miniature Moose

Instead of going to the mall and buying gifts wrapped in plastic or other waste materials, let’s do Mother Earth a favor by rounding up all fabrics from clothes we won’t be wearing anymore and turn them into customized headbands! Who said you can’t be eco-friendly during the holidays?

5. Note Jar

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We know note jars have been mainstream for years now, but it doesn’t mean the joy of the person you’re gonna give it would be any less. Share your heartfelt message to your loved ones with this easy DIY and for sure they’ll be keeping it for a long time!

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What do you think of these DIY ideas for the holidays? Do you also agree that these tips made looking for gifts easier?

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