Let’s be honest, we may have all dreaded some or many things about the celebrations during the holidays.

Aaaaah, ’tis the time for the December holidays: the season of giving, sharing and talking with your relatives about almost anything going on in your life. After all, your whole extended family will be there – your parents, siblings, grandparents, titostitas, cousins, in-laws, the cats, the dogs, and maybe even some friends who someone just wanted to invite to the party.

All of you will be endlessly talking about anything possible under our the golden sun. Yes, even though you’re feeling awkward and uncomfortable about a certain topic, you just have to talk about it with them. After all, they are people you might possibly haven’t seen for months–what’s more, they just have to know everything about you… because they’re family.

So with us, dive into some common stereotypes on Filipino family reunions during Christmas that one way or another, we can all somehow relate to.

The classic “tumataba ka” comment

Somehow, we just have that one aunt or tita who apparently just won’t miss out on the opportunity to comment upon our physical looks. The “you’re getting fatter” or” tumataba ka”  is more common, yet for those on the other side, their lack of weight or “sobrang payat mo na” is also a big issue.

Of course, other remarks about your pimples, your hair or even your skin color would be made by those relatives who just can’t seem to take note that people are sensitive about things they are insecure about. But again they’re family, so sometimes you just have to either endure and get through it or grow thicker skin to feel all numb. Or if you can and you’re brave enough, you can confront your relatives about it too – just so you could also help influence their mindset to be more progressive and less… judgy. 

“May boyfriend/girlfriend ka na ba?”

For some reason, this is another classic question of relatives during the Christmas celebration. Asking you whether you already have or still haven’t got a boyfriend or a girlfriend, either answer is probably going to cause some buzz about you. As a result more people will probably butt in with a series of more questions like “who is he/she?”, “when will we meet him/her?”, “where did you meet him/her?”

Or for those with a different answer, all of those who joined the conversation would probably ask you to find a partner already. Some with a more progressive thinking might say, “I know someone you might want to meet” or if they’re a little too worried for you, there is also the “you might grow old alone” remark.

Yeah lola I know, but I’m completely fine with that! Also as Emma Watson calls it, I’m ‘self-partnered’. 

All the possible questions about your current status in life

You may be currently pursuing your education or following your specific career path. However, when it comes to family reunions, every little detail may be a subject of skepticism. Your grandparents, aunts and uncles and even your parents may just ask you “what is it that you do anyway”? What do you want to be in the future? Is there a big amount of money waiting for you when you choose to pursue your passion? Why do you want to be this or that?

There are a lot of questions and honestly most of the time, we ourselves don’t know the answers to all of the questions they’re asking us. Moreover, we are just left wanting the ground to swallow us whole to avoid the torture.

These are just some of the many things that commonly happen during Filipino family reunions for the holidays. Of course, they happen too often that now, they’re considered stereotypes. However, we also have to admit that the celebrations are not really about these. We can dread these moments, but they’re really just blips during the festivities.

Christmas is about having fun with people you love and care about; it’s about eating good food to your heart’s desire. Moreover, it’s about sharing special and unforgettable moments with your family. So from all of us here at U Do U, we just want to also send you all our season’s greetings. Enjoy your Christmas Eve, guys!

Which one of these could you relate to the most? Are there any other stereotypes that we might have missed? Let us know your thoughts or opinions by simply sharing them through the comments section below! Or just hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.