Filipino pop group SB19 is spreading the holiday cheer as they star in their first-ever short film, “Ex-Mas.”

Together with Yopokki and Montbest, ShowBT Philippines is presenting the Christmas film, which will premiere this Friday, December 18, on SB19’s Youtube Channel at 7 PM PHT. On December 16, a short teaser trailer was posted, showing a sequence of holiday footage featuring Sejun, Stell, Ken, Josh & Justin. It also includes special appearances by Jenny Yeo, ShowBT Philippines’ content creator, Kristy Cho, and SB19 Justin’s brother, Yani de Dios.

A’TIN from all over the world can expect the boys to go all out as they showcase their versatility and acting skills in this exciting project. As indicated by the title, “Ex-Mas” is a rom-com holiday flick that tackles how a person’s bittersweet memories of the past come rushing back during the holidays. This short film will center on themes of love, reconciliation, acceptance, and friendship.

Watch the trailer for ‘Ex-Mas’ below!


Also, on December 31, SB19 is joining a slew of the biggest Filipino acts for a year-end virtual concert called #BYE2020. Apart from the boys, set to perform in this grand event are Ben&Ben, Moira, Darren Espanto, Matthaios, The Itchyworms, Leanne & Naara, Maximillian, Peach Tree Rascals, Glaiza De Castro, Kean Cipriano, Lala Vizon, Zack Tabudlo, Keiko Necessario, Fern., Elha Nympha, Autotelic, Sud, Miguel Odron, VVS Collective, Ace Banzuelo, Paolo Sandejas, Earl Generao, FANA and TALA.

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