It’s December! Hooray! Christmas parties are not necessarily happening as to how they should have been and even though it isn’t — we thought gift-giving should still be celebrated!

Well, I don’t want you spending your life savings on the gifts that you’ll be buying so here are affordable Christmas gift ideas!

Yaaaas! Christmas is right around the corner and Christmas parties are not happening as they used to. But it doesn’t mean we should stop giving!

But of course, I know buying the perfect gift that’s also wallet-friendly can be a challenge. Especially if you have a ton of people you wanna show love to with your family, that group of friends you’ve adored, and more that’s why I’ve listed down 8 affordable Christmas gift ideas!

1. Coin purse

You better believe that this is going to come in handy for anyone. Especially, if the recipient is a commuter. Come on, we got to have something to keep our baryas in place and not all over the bottom of our bags! Plus, it is not that difficult to find one, just walk in the mall nearest to you and you’ll spot it right away or just order it online. You can get one online from Lazada for just Php 199.00!

2. Meme Sticker

Buying a gift for the weird funny kid? Well, then you are in for a treat cause ya gurl’s got you the perfect gift for that hilarious sucka! Meme Stickers for only Php 150.00 on Etsy! You may not know where he/she will use it for but you best believe he/she will figure something out (cause I would)!

3. Swimsuit

What comes after Christmas? *New year’s!* uhh after that? *Valentines!* Forget it, it’s always summer in the Philippines anyway (we hope we can go outside by then!)  and it can be a bit tricky to find a low-priced bikini that has great designs and good quality. In our beautiful country, going to the beach is never out of style so go on ahead and get your hubadera friend a nice pair for as low as Php 399.00 from! I’m sure she’ll go gaga for it!

4. Socks

It’s one thing to keep your feet warm and comfy, it’s another when it’s looking fresh and cute! And I know when you are a kid you despise receiving socks for Christmas, but at our age, trendy socks are must-haves in our wardrobes. Get your kris kringle adorable socks that come in different designs for only Php 90.00 a pair in all Forever21 outlets.

5. Travel Pillow

For most, the holiday season means rest and it’s always great to receive something that’s useful. So, for your future jet-setter friends travel pillows are the ideal gift! Useful and affordable for only Php 200.00 to Php 300.00! And if you want to go a bit extra you can grab one with a hoodie attached to it from Gift Zone for Php 379.00. Not bad, right?

6. Brow Soap

There’s always that one friend, that one friend who never leaves the house without having her (or his. I don’t discriminate) eyebrows done! We may never know the reason behind it cause we may have never seen him/her without them brows did. So if eyebrow Picasso is the person you have to get a gift for, boiiii, we gotchu! Brow Soap is your hope to achieve that Cara Delevingne fuller, thicker, and feathered eyebrow look that we all pray for. It doesn’t only keep your brows in place, it also helps for hair growth because of natural oils in it. And you can get it for only Php 180.00 ’til the end of December from Browsoapph! Grab one for your friend and one for yourself as well, cause y nat?

7. Earphones

I don’t know about you, but if I leave my earphones at home, that’s a sign of a bad day. I mean, how will I be able to listen to music, ignore the world, and direct a music video in my head without it? It’s always good to have a spare. So for your music lover friends, get them something they’d for sure appreciate and that is not too pricey. Xiaomi Piston can be bought from Shopee for only Php 250.00.

8. Lip and cheek tint

December can be very busy, there’s a lot of online zoom meetings to go to and yo mamma’s tryna look cute in all of those. Even if it’s just a simple work thing? Face gotta be looking fresh and blooming! So if you have to get a present for someone like me, Lip and Cheek Stain Alive Therapy by Skin Genie is key! For only Php 99.00, you get to keep them lips plump and hydrated and your cheeks glowing! I repeat, ninety-freaking-nine pesos only and you can have this easy to apply, aloe vera extract and hyaluronic acid filled wonder in your hands. Available in Beauty Mnl.

Is this list of affordable Christmas gift ideas helpful to you? Did you like our gift ideas? Did you just place an order for any? Do you have other suggestions? Let us know down the comments below! Or connect with us on our Facebook or Twitter @udoublog