Hostels offering a vibrant, social atmosphere are the new trend around the world, especially for backpackers eager to meet new people and discover hip music. In the Philippines, Z Hostel opened in 2015, and it is continuously being revamped to engage more visitors. The place has caught the eyes of a lot of tourists visiting the country as it boasts both a comfortable stay and great entertainment.

The story started with a group of friends spending their Sunday Slowdown session at a beach resort in Batangas. There was something about bonding with strangers who share the same passion with music and party, and from this inspiration, Z Hostel was born.

With a 6-storey building, Z Hostel surprised us with a cool reception area. It has a huge Philippine map in the lobby and a calendar of events for the month. For an easy access to the internet, the lobby has two Mac computers that visitors can use to Google stuff up. There’s also a shelf of books ranging from novels to maps.

Z Hostel has a cafe at the ground floor, and a bar at the roofdeck called Z Roof Deck Bar. You don’t have to be a tourist to visit the two.

Z Roof Deck Bar

Z Roof Deck Bar has a picturesque view of Makati skyline, so it’s a great place to chill with a beer in your hand and a cigarette in the other. Again, the party’s open for everyone even if you’re not a guest at the hostel. For the best alcoholic drink, their Puñeta and Whatever drink are highly recommended. 

Z Roof Deck Bar opens at 5 PM, although the party usually starts at 11 PM to 1 AM. It holds monthly events ranging from art to music nights, and they have both foreign and local artists and DJ coming every now and then.

Tuesdays are live acoustic music nights, with local and international artists playing your favorite old school RnB, alternative and pop music hits. Meanwhile, Happy Ts can be enjoyed with a true house music club scene experience.

TGIFs are usually the busiest night, and you’ll get to experience sick beats from local and guest DJs in the country, while Saturdays are for smooth grooves, 90s jams and future hits. Lastly, Sundays are for acoustic renditions of indie-folk songs.

Z Hostel Cafe

Z Hostel Cafe has a very homey interior with its rustic design. It offers mouthwatering, authentic Filipino food that every visitor really have to try. They also have alcoholic drinks, so you can stay there if you want to drink earlier than Z Roof Deck Bar’s opening. And have we mentioned that it’s open 24 hours daily?

Z Hostel also has a cool neighborhood that you can check out, such as Alamat, Wild Poppy, Tambai, Bucky’s and Smokeyard.