We’ve all had that one person in our life who we wish we had never loved at all. But what if I told you it wasn’t a complete waste of time?

A bad relationship can put someone off love for months or even years at a time. Closing themselves off, and dwelling on how much the other person has hurt them. Mourning over wasted time, even if deep down inside they knew that they just chose the wrong one. 

As people say, “Every cloud has a silver lining.” In every bad situation, there is some good to be found. Even loving the wrong person has some good in it, and here’s why it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

From the wrong person to the right path


You’ve just gone through a breakup. You’re broken, hurt, and confused. Among all the questions that you’re asking yourself, one of them is probably why. Why did I choose him? Do I deserve to go through this? Why me? We feel you! 

In truth, nobody deserves to be hurt by a person they choose to love. But it’s the only way to set you on the right path. 

What do you not want?


We as flawed human beings, never know what we truly want. Especially in another person. Heck, we even have trouble knowing what we want to eat for lunch! If you want to be scientific about it, we can call it the process of elimination. Only by knowing what it is we don’t want, do we truly find what we want. At first, you like when a partner shows jealousy, but realize how toxic that is. Or that you value shallow qualities, but realize that you want someone more complex. These are things we get to know when we’ve loved the wrong person.

The blessing in disguise


Now you’re probably thinking, “I could have realized all that without going through so much hurt and wasted time!” Yes, you could have. But the thing is, you wouldn’t appreciate it. And that’s the most important thing—when you’ve felt the hurt, the disappointment, and the anger. Only then will you value the peace, understanding, and warmth of loving—and being loved—by the right person. That it was necessary, in the end, to have loved the wrong person. So that you’re sure when the right one comes along. 

Being with someone is a risk. It’s either you give all of your love or none at all. If you get hurt in the end, so what? Just make sure you learned a lot, regretted nothing, and remember that you’re one step closer to being with someone who actually deserves your love. And we’re telling you, when it’s finally the right person, all the pain would come to light and realize it was all worth the trouble.

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