FLY HIGH with school spirit no matter what team you’re rooting for!

The Haruichi Furudate original manga has unfortunately come to its conclusion on July 20, ending the colorful chapters with chapter 402, closing the curtains on the meaningful encounters surrounding Karasuno High’s Hinata Shoyo and Kageyama Tobio including their rivalry with competing schools.

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Even though the ceremonious ending was announced a year ago, that did not stop fans from expressing their distress over their absolute favorite sports manga coming to a close. It even sparked a day-long trending hashtag on twitter #ThankyouHaikyuu.

A couple of tweets pertaining to the hashtag had sparked a hunt for the shop which sells our boys’ jerseys and if you’re reading this article, chances are you’re interested too!

Luckily… we’ve found it! This Shopee store is where everyone’s buying their jerseys to show their school spirit! Whether it be for Karasuno High, Nekoma, or Aobajohsai High, you can surely find them here in any size!

courtesy of Shopee

Now that we know the heartache of a manga series coming to a close, might as well find comfort in knowing that you can live out your fandom irl with these jerseys you can wear everywhere! (yes, unapologetically, everywhere!)

What other anime merch would you love to get?

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