We may have been reading tangible books or even our favorite E-books we download but we cannot deny how hard it is sometimes to get at the end of the book.

Folks, have you been in a situation where you give up on a book and eventually pick it up again to continue reading? Well, you are not alone. In case you didn’t know yet, Reading Slump is a term for readers who want to indulge in the book but they can’t. Tell you, it’s simply not really the book’s fault. Basically, this slump is like pleading ourselves to get into that mood of reading.


With so much going on this year, it’s normal if our brains want to take a break from everything. But somehow we cannot also utilize how to beat the reading slump, although we have the best time to read those books we stuck on our shelves. So, to help you with that struggle, we made a list of tricks to pull ourselves away from that dreading reading slump.

Find or Create yourself a Reading Nook


Of course, sometimes our reading mood depends on the ambiance of our surroundings. Some people love reading at coffee shops, their favorite book stores, or in, their bedrooms. You can create that kind of ambiance too. Find a corner at your house where you can sit comfortably, stack some books on your side and make your preferred hot or iced coffee as you indulge in reading.

It’s like a designated reading area for yourself. If you want to make it aesthetically pleasing, go and take your time creating and modifying that space.

Re-read your most favorite one


If you’ve lost interest in the book you’re currently reading, take a break for a while and go back to your all-time favorite. It may sound like changing genres and the length of the book but it’s better than none.

That book may feel nostalgic and even though you know what will happen next, surely you will finish that book. And that will make you crave for another new story to read. There’s always a wonderful feeling when we re-read our favorite books! So, try this and check it out!

Watch a Book-to-Movie Adaptations


Speaking about our favorite ones, for sure some of them were turned into movies that somehow we didn’t like the changes in some plots. But to tell you, it’s an effective way to turn your mood on reading again.

If you are a fan of John Green surely you understand what I’m saying. Dive again into the madness of Margo Spiegelman in Papertowns, cry and feel the pain of The Fault in our Stars. Or if you haven’t seen the series edition of Looking for Alaska, watch it now and immerse yourself with the depths of Alaska’s words. More so, upon seeing those books that turned into films can really inspire you and motivate your divided heart in reading.

Try to get away on social media for the meantime


There might be a lot of articles online but we’re not really reading them because there’s a lot of distractions. Often, we can focus on one thing and once that attention was taken away by something interesting, we’ll eventually lost our interest in the first thing that we’re doing. However, there’s nothing wrong with involving ourselves in social media but if we’ve been feeding ourselves too much with it, we are letting ourselves be idle for many hours.

Take a break on that and go back to your first love, reading.

Try to Dive in Writing


Since like some plots of the books are like passages we have been memorized, try to close that book for a while and write your own piece! Sometimes, when we are reading a lot, we have that kind of confidence that we can write the next ‘New York Times Best Seller’, or the worthy novel to be adapted in films.

With our minds are completely looking for something to contemplate, try writing instead! Who knows that you can create the next bestseller!

Do you love reading?

Which of these tips you think can help you? Let us know your thoughts by sharing them through the comments below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.