Today, HEARTLESS PH, is releasing their brand new designs and we’ve got everything you need to know about the brand. We’ve got the exclusives from the masterminds of Heartless PH themselves-  Rocky Ramos and Victor Pring.

Are you brave enough to wear your story?

A local streetwear brand that entered the scene with a simple yet contentious shirt design of seemingly bastardizing global streetwear phenomena – Supreme, and Kanye West’s Pablo Shirts, by putting a “Fuck” vandal across their logo.



What were they thinking?

A brand known for their “cold” and “snob” designs. It is a brand that is not afraid to get real and gritty with continuously coming up with designs to tell the story of the society’s “untouchables” and the “Super Rich Kids” – of fame, money, power and its dark clouds.

They came to diss, and they came out swinging. It is what it is – absolutely, Heartless.

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More to the story.

Despite the intimidating designs, Heartless PH aims to empower – embracing your story and break free from prejudices and social expectations.

Ultimately, Heartless PH aims to tell deeper stories with their simple designs.

New Heartless Designs

“VICTIM” by Heartless PH

The second wave of Heartless PH designs are coming for us. First up, “VICTIM”, a simple shirt design showcasing a compass in front, and the elements on its back.



The compass signifies “the search” – a mission of anyone from different walks of life to search for meaning, to search for happiness, to search for love.

VICTIM tells the story of the privileged kids hungry to find happiness with the silver spoon.


Elements of Happiness.

“Super Rich Kids but nothing but loose ends”

They are all victims that ended up with the superficial and addiction to substances – pretending to be real happiness. Sometimes, who can blame them?

Simply, we become victims of the happiness we chase.

“BULLY” Hoodie by Heartless PH

You might have seen this piece all over social media. Now you have the chance to cop your own hoodie from Heartless PH!

Showcasing the brand’s tagline, “To The Kids Who Never Fit In, That’s Why We Stand Out”, this hoodie design is a tribute to the misfits and the visionaries to stand up and stand out.

It aims to embrace oddity and empowers breaking through prejudices. It aims to shut the doubters up by just being.

So do you have the guts to sport a Heartless PH design?

How To Get Heartless PH shirts!

These new Heartless PH pieces are now available for orders! Head on over to Heartless PH pages (Facebook & Instagram) for your inquiries.

Or SMS/Call for orders 0927-339-6044.