Is your creative tank running on empty this Friday? Well, it’s officially Fight Procrastination Day! And we have some tips to help you fight the urge to procrastinate!

So nowadays, there is a holiday for everything. And we mean everything! Like Cheese Pizza Day, Dog Appreciation Day, and even Make Your Bed Day! And don’t we all need a reminder for that last one? LOL! And it just so happens that on this lazy Friday it’s Fight Procrastination Day. So Happy Fight Procrastination Day everyone! But how do we fight procrastination? Don’t worry, we’ve got some tips to help you right here!

1. Set goals.

Setting goals is a surefire way of getting things done. Because you’re not so easily sidetracked if you already have a list of things to do. And it’s not as easy to procrastinate if you can actually see all the things that you still need to do, staring back at you. Plus there’s nothing like the satisfaction of ticking them off one by one.

2. Stay away from distractions!

STAY. AWAY. FROM DISTRACTIONS. In whatever form that may be. Whether it’s checking your social media pages, watching videos, or snacking! Try to stay away from whatever that can distract you. So just log-out of your social media pages, close those extra tabs, stop playing with your desk toys, and just zero down on what you need to do.

3. Pick the best environment to work in.

So for those who work in an office, you can’t really pick where to work. But there are still ways to make it a better working environment to help fight procrastination. Like clearing off your desk for potential distractions. And you can do that by putting your phone away from your direct field of vision, putting away snacks, and putting away things unrelated to your current task at hand. Now for those who work or study at home, you can try assigning a designated work desk. And definitely avoid working in bed or at the dining table.

4. Take short breaks.

There’s a method called the Pomodoro Technique by Francesco Cirillo that’s said to help in the fight for procrastination. So what you do is you try to work non-stop for a whole twenty-five minutes. And then you take three to five-minute breaks after. It’s a well-known time management technique since the 90s. And maybe just what you need to fight procrastination.

5. Give yourself rewards.

Have you ever wondered if the “carrot-on-a-stick” method actually works for horses? It actually does! And that is why it may work for you too! You need to start incentivizing yourself with every task you finish. Whether it’s a piece of candy or your lunch break. Tell yourself you only deserve it once you finish your tasks.

The fight for procrastination is an endless one. And in truth, we really need more than a day to fight it. But we do hope these tips help to fight the end-of-week slow down you’re experiencing today. Happy Fight Procrastination Day everyone!

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