Will Go Go Bayanihan Kickstart Our Nation?

Bayanihan is how our ancestors overcame adversity and oppression. It is how we got to where we are now. It is the spirit of communal unity that our nation was built on. Now it has been translated into the present, it’s been made more simple and accessible. This is Go Go Bayanihan.

Go Go Bayanihan is a crowdfunding website whose goal is to fund campaigns concerning health, natural calamities, education, animal welfare, and even the dreams of of our fellow countrymen. Go Go Bayanihan also aims to harness this and use it in a way to push our nation forward.

Watch the star-studded video over here:

Go Go Bayanihan has also tapped local artists stemming from all genres to help their cause. MC Ronthug, Joyce Pring, and QYork, are just a few names that have joined up to help the cause. The song present in the Go Go Bayanihan’s promotional video, created and performed by many composers. They are Thyro Alfaro, RB Barbaso (KidWolf), Yumi Lacsamana, Val John, Theo Martel, and Kiko Salazar.

I also think the varied range of artists that the website has rounded up reflects what they want from the community. It is a reminder that despite our differences we share a common bond, and that bond is our nation and to a greater extent our humanity. This will be a reminder that if everyone does their part to help, no matter how miniscule or large, change will come.

Therefore, Go Go Bayanihan’s website will launch on March 22, 2017. To know more about how to donate or how to launch your own campaign visit Go Go Bayanihan’s official page.

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