It’s 3 AM and you’re emptying the pitcher of some cocktail your squad ordered a few hours ago when you were positive you’re still way behind your limit. You grab the ice bucket only to realize that now it’s only a bucket. You take your glass and drink the whole concoction anyway. The events that followed your last drink are a series of scenes between bathroom breaks and laughing for no reason back at your booth –all turning into hazy fragments on a Monday morning as you open your eyes and say hello to your hangover. Nursing that little devil of a baby won’t be easy if you have to pick yourself up for a cold bath, battle your way through the rush hour and show up on time for work. That’s just your morning. So here are a few points to get you started right and make sure your hangover won’t kill you while you’re buried on a pile of Monday work.

Stay hydrated, kids.

You know it’s not easy to pick yourself out of bed after a long night of drinking, but you have to start somewhere. Since your mouth’s most probably dry and weird, chug down a refreshing round of H2O or rounds if you’re that thirsty. Keep a bottle close to you and refill as much as possible throughout the day since this would be the safest drink after the assortment of alcohol you had your body undergo the night before. Remember, flushing them out of your system is the best way to finish off that nightmare.

Wash it off.

Try to get that headache down the drain by washing it off beneath your friendly showerhead. This boy’s got you. A bath doesn’t really cure your hangover but it takes out the smell of vomit (please don’t deny it) and somehow eases your throbbing head and kicks you off to dress up for work.

Spoil yourself with a good breakfast.

Of course, it can’t be a big breakfast. You don’t want to vomit on your way to work. You surely would be unable to cook too, but you’re one lucky drunkard if you got someone to cook for you. Now if you’re just a drunkard, make sure to grab something to eat outside before going to work. Choose a meal that’s easy to take especially if you’re thinking about taking aspirin. Remember to not take any meds on an empty stomach.

Take the most comfortable ride to work.

Yes, it’s going to cost you, but can you even remember how much you spent on alcohol the night before? Don’t even try. You don’t want your headache to get worse. The Monday rush hour is always the worst and you’re not ready for that battle yet. Take a cab or share a ride with a friend (who just might be on a hangover too) just to be safe.

Show up for work and take it easy.

Move on your own pace. Yeah sure it’s a Monday and a lot of job orders are coming in, but you can’t force yourself when your head feels like it’s about to be split down. Take it easy until your normal work pace picks up and keep that bottle of water around.

“I will never drink again!” PLEASE.

You know you’re just lying to yourself. The nearest drinking invitation after your recovery would be the last thing you turn down. Just remember to know your limit and don’t try to test it again.

Everybody’s been through it so there’s no reason to hate yourself and go to Google to read articles like this. Just hurry on and get going because you don’t want to be feeling like this until the late afternoon. Happy Monday, hangover buddies!