From North to South Manila: Best Place to Unwind This Weekend

It’s Friday afternoon, and yet somehow you still feel burnt out after all the work you had to do for the week. Your work pals are talking about drinking out, probably at a KTV bar, and they ask if you wanna come—for eight consecutive weeks now—but you politely decline. You probably just want to go home, watch netflix, drink leftover beer, until you fall asleep. Come weekend, and you’re gonna do the same old shit. And then it’s Monday again.

If you’re guilty of this routine, oh god, please change it this weekend. YOU. DESERVE. THE. FUN.

Aside from the obvious fact that you need to keep your mind off work, you really have to put your happiness first for even just a night. Loosen up a bit, fam!

Going out doesn’t always have to be expensive. But that’s why you have to take your friends with you to keep the costs low, and the fun way above high. Take it from our dear Sia with her song cheap thrills—you don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight.

Moving on! Here are our top picks of cheap places to go for this weekend:


Going farther north, Mow’s Bar is located in Diliman, QC. Food and drinks are very budget-friendly, with its neighbor resto Kowloon House—definitely a place for your chinese food cravings. The intimate albeit small space also promises a night of chill drinking and good music (or poetry).


Seeking for craft beer? Polilya is obviously the place to go. They’re the home for the rising Engkanto Brewery—a local brand that uses water, grain, yeast, and hops for crafting their magical beers. This magical place offers you the real taste of Filipino-made alcohol. It’s located in the heart of Poblacion, Makati, and trust me, there are tons of other bars in the area.


Known as the home of local indie scene, Guijo is a must-visit if you want to hang out with up and coming bands. It’s a great way to discover new music, new friends, unleashing the fan girl in you. They have local artists coming every day, so you can also go there when you want to destress amidst the midweek chaos.


Whistlestop has other branches in the metro, but that one in the Fort tops the list for me. Their burgers are a must try, and for a bar in BGC offering P50 for a bottle of beer, that’s pretty cheap. Friday nights get pretty crazy that it’s almost impossible to find a seat, but it’s worth the wait!

Checkpoint Rock Bar

Probably one thing that team north peeps always, always bash about us is that we don’t have events coming in (or even bars to go). THAT’S NOT TRUE. Take Checkpoint Rock Bar in Paranaque, for example. Bands of all genres have regular events there, both foreign and local. Not to mention the yearly battle of the bands!

What’s your favorite Friday hangout place? Let us know in the comments!

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