Everyone waits for friday nights whether you’re already working or not. It is a good time to unwind and relax.

There are a lot of things you can do on a friday night. If you don’t know where to start, here’s a few items you can consider doing.

Go Clubbing

For some, clubbing is the default option for friday nights. You can go out with your friends and get wasted until you dance like no one’s watching.

Extroverts may tend to go with this options since they would like to meet new people. Some even make it a point to get to know a new chick or a dude they can take home. However, it is worth noting that clubs are usually packed during weekends which means competition is high.

Go Hangout With Friends at a Bar

If you are more of a chill and hangout type of person, bars can be your best friend. You can still get wasted with friends but without making a fool out of yourself (most of the time).

Some bars even have good food to match your bottles of beer. Live music from your favorite bands are also often played in some bars around the Metro. There’s also the type of bars which makes it easy to spot those who are looking for a new mate.

Go Catch a Movie

Fridays are also often a good time to catch a movie since new ones come out Thursdays. You don’t have to worry about having any work done tomorrow.

Grab a bag of popcorn and a large drink so you can really relax at the movie theatre. Some cinemas also offer unli pop corn and drinks. Eastwood’s Ultra cinema does this but at a slightly more expensive ticket price.

Catch Wonder Woman if you still haven’t…

Go Shopping

Most of the the sales happen over the weekend and they usually start on Fridays. For some even, shopping can be a stress reliever especially after receiving the salary.

Besides shopping, it would also be a good idea to eat out. Shopping can be a tiresome activity for hardcore shoppers. Just be careful not to empty your wallet.

Go Netflix and Chill

Netflix and chill does have a different meaning for some people. Still, Friday nights could be the best time to just sit back and binge watch your favorite TV show that you’ve been missing out on.

Order a pizza or takeout just before you head home. A few bottles of beer or cocktail mixes can also set the mood for…watching Netflix.

Did we miss anything? What makes your Friday night complete?