Free music apps can be quite confusing to choose from. We narrow the choices down to the best music app you can choose to download.

Best Free Music Streaming Apps


Who doesn’t know Spotify? Even though Spotify is not the pioneer in the music streaming business, the app did change the people’s perspective. It is even credited for having a huge positive effect on anti-piracy for music.

What is there to love about Spotify? For one, it has a large collection of music. Classical piano tunes? Check. Death metal? Check. Electronic Dance Music? Check. Indie OPM? Check.

You have the option to listen to all the music for free. The catch is that you have limited skips on mobile and you also have to listen to all the advertisements every two or three songs.

Jango Radio

Jango Radio

If you like to listen to music without ads but also without payment, Jango could be the best free music app for you. One downside is that it does not have a large range of music compared to its rivals.

Jango aims to give listeners free music on the go. You can choose to listen to curated playlists or artist stations. One advantage is that you can also save playlists and stations so you can play it both on the mobile app or at their desktop website.

You can also share your stations on Facebook so your friends can also listen to. Free music without ads. What’s not to love?

Google Play Music

Who knew that Google had their own music streaming app? The service is also free but it is supported by ads. It may not be a good idea to use the free service if the aux cord is passed to you at a party.

One unique feature for Google’s free music app is that you can also upload your own tracks, up to 50,000 songs to be exact. This way, you can choose to save storage over bandwidth since everything will be stored on the cloud.’

Google Play Music is recommended for those who constantly have Wi-Fi on their phones. Some even have this app installed by default on Android smartphones.

One of the first free music apps that helped push the streaming service is The unique thing about their service is their “scrobbling” feature which allows users to also use their selections from other music services such as Spotify.

On its own, the app does have a large selection of music. You can also see which are the most listened tracks in real time. They also have a visually-appealing website.

You can see all sorts of stats for a particular song too. For instance, You can see where Bruno Mars’s “That’s What I Like” is popular across the globe.

Which of these free music apps do you already use? Sound off in the comments below for any suggestions.