Communication today is better thanks to hundreds of free chat apps that allow people to send messages in a heartbeat. Messaging apps are so useful that you can’t have an Android or iPhone without one of them installed.

What’s better is that all of the messaging apps are free to be downloaded. Most of them even allow you to send photos and videos without having to type an email.

Best Free Chat Apps You Can Download Now

  1. Messenger

Honestly, who does not have Facebook’s very own Messenger these days? Sure, a lot of people groaned when the social media giant announced that people will need two of their apps now. However, Messenger has evolved to being more than just a free chat app.

You can now send payments, set reminders and even send GIFs right from the app itself. You don’t have to always copy paste links to send memes to your friends. It can even do group video calls now. How cool is that?

  1. Telegram

If you want to be sneaky, Telegram can help you with that. It first became famous because of its “secret chat” feature that inevitably was copied by other messaging apps out there. You can set a self-destruct timer for messages which means a conversation can last for only a few seconds.

Telegram also lets you send photos, videos and files. Once, I even tried sending a 500MB video via the app. You can also choose to delete messages altogether if the secret chat is too much for you. Making stickers is also fun.

  1. Viber

Viber has been a go-to free chat app for several years now. They may have fallen behind in the past but they are still strong in terms of messaging features and whatnot.

One of Viber’s core strengths is the call feature. You can also choose to call phone numbers themselves with Viber credit. Like Telegram, it also has a “secret chat” feature. What I like most is the feature to send a photo with a self-deletion timer which is kind of similar to the next entry.

  1. Snapchat

While Snapchat isn’t exactly a messaging app per se, it does have its own nifty chatting features. Snapchat is quick and private as every message sent is deleted. It even became wildly popular for people who sent nudes since they got deleted quickly.

You can also share photos in a more public manner in the app. However, do take note that private messages and snaps are deleted after a brief period when the recipient views them.

  1. AfterParty

AfterParty helps people to find other event goers who they can message after they match. Even though it can be considered as a free chat app, the main feature is finding the latest events and gigs around you.

Who knows? You can also match with DJs and artists that are performing in the app’s events.

  1. LinkedIn

For the young professional, making connections is a huge advantage. LinkedIn’s mobile app now has a messaging feature. It can be considered as a free chat app as you can freely send messages to your LinkedIn connections.

Besides messaging people on the app, you can also view blog posts and look for jobs. It’s the kind of messaging app that can actually help you to become more productive.

Did we miss anything? What’s your favorite messaging app?