If you’re planning to take a trip to Baguio here’s one dish you’d definitely be wanting to taste. Find out more here:

Ahh, Baguio. Also called as the Philippines’ “Summer Capital” or better yet, everyone’s highland haven because of its cold climate and not to mention its variety of fruits in the vicinity of its mountains. And in case you didn’t know, its most prized possession is strawberries. When you visit this city, you’d never fail to miss any strawberry delicacy. From strawberry taho at Burnham Park, strawberry jam from Good Shepherd, to strawberry shortcake (or strawberry tart) from Vizco’s–you have it all. But who would have thought that we’d see another twist from this delightful fruit? Introducing…Baguio’s very own strawberry champorado!

Photo credits to Bea Faicol

What was once made from the classic taste of chocolate, now exists as a strawberry-flavored champorado at the Le Monet Hotel. You can describe it as a milky rice pudding dish with the tanginess and sweetness of strawberries. To heighten the feel of your taste buds, pair it with some hot chocolate or coffee–perfect for a hearty breakfast! Heck, even an afternoon and evening meal! That’s how good it is! And the best part of all, P99 a bowl.

So what are you waiting for? You can immediately try this treat on your next vacay to Baguio. Just visit Le Monet Hotel along Ordonio Drive.

What do you think of this strawberry champorado? Will you be trying it out when you visit Baguio? Or do you already wish it’s available here in the Metro?

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