Okay, guys, we’re psyched to tell you that the famous Ichiran Instant Ramen is now available here in the Philippines! Who said you have to go all the way to Japan enjoy this delight?!

So for those who haven’t been or are still planning to go to Japan, Ichiran Ramen is a must-try restaurant for ramen-lovers out there. When we tell you their menu is hella good, it actually is. Even Forbes considered this shop as having the best ramen in the world! Considering its popularity globally, an instant version was made to enjoy in the comfort of our homes. And now, it’s also available here in the Philippines!

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8 Days

Here’s a little trip from the past. Ichiran Ramen started as a small ramen stall named “Futaba Ramen” in Fukuoka in 1960. It was later renamed to “Ichiran” meaning “one orchid” in 1966. And ever since, it has become a booming business and a household name for Japanese ramen. This restaurant specializes in tonkotsu ramen, a pork-based broth.

Due to its popularity, Ichiran knew they had to make a pre-packed version to let people outside of Japan to have a go at their ramen. Before online resellers, Ichiran Instant Ramen were only available in Ichiran restaurants, Japanese supermarkets, and Japanese discount shops (like Don Quixote), so people still need to buy as their pasalubongs for their loved ones to taste.

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But now, it’s available here in the Philippines! So what are you waiting for?! Head right over to the nearest S&R Membership Shopping around you and enjoy Ichiran Instant Ramen at home. Although we’re not sure about the exact amount, we’re guessing it’s about 1 500 pesos. For a more tasty experience, don’t forget to add pork, onsen egg, and a few chopped spring onions.

What do you think of Japan’s famous Ichiran Instant Ramen is finally available in the Philippines? Will you be buying this yummy treat anytime soon? ‘Cuz we know we are!

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