Some cravings just cannot be satisfied.

There are so many types of food we can’t eat no matter how we want to, because we can’t get out of our damn houses. Plus, this stupid coronavirus has closed most of the restaurants and food establishments where we can find them, so yeah. Looking at the photos is the closest thing we have to experiencing them.

Here are the top pre-quarantine foods that the world of social media has been craving for.


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Our thirst for Milktea is one that cannot be quenched by any beverage known to man– only that creamy, milky, semi-sweet drink coupled with tapioca pearls or coffee jelly or whatever toppings you desire.



Due to the rising popularity of this Korean dish in the country, there’s now an option wherein you get to purchase bulks of marinated beef and pork, and have it at the comforts of your own kitchen. Some lucky individuals still get to enjoy one even during the coronavirus quarantine.

Still, though, not to sound envious of them (guilty!), but nothing beats stepping foot into those local Samgyupsal restos, savoring the meaty smell that stays the air, asking for the waiter’s assistance to get you a table for five, and finally treating yourself to an unlimited goodness of Samgyupsal with your friends after a long day at work. Don’t even begin mentioning doing boomerangs together while you pick up a slice of beef using a metal thong. 

Pinoy Streetfoods


Kwek-kwek. Fishballs. Squidballs. Siomai.

Poking one piece with a stick, drowing it in a damn good combination of spicy vinegar and sweet special sauce, before inserting it to your mouth. Biting into that piece, experiencing a burst of different flavors in your mouth, repeating the process again and again until you feel a sense of umay. And then you’d go for a glass of ice-cold gulaman.

Fast food

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Jollibee’s yum burger. Mcfries. KFC’s unli gravy. Shakey’s pizza. You name it! Sadly, we’ve never needed these comfort food as much as we do now, what with all the lockdown anxieties and everything, but we are not allowed to travel for our own safety.

What food do you miss the most?

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What pre-lockdown food do you miss the most?

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