In a Twitter poll last night, we asked you guys what you think the best part of a fried chicken is.

We offered four options that you guys could choose from, with the usual parts: thigh, leg, wing, and breast. To be frank, we all knew who the winner was to begin with. However, if chicken skin was included in the choices, there would obviously be a winner by a landslide.

Check out the results of the poll below.

Fried Chicken

Although we honestly had only a few responses, more than half of that sample voted for thigh part as the best. Wing part came in second, followed by leg and breast which are tied up for the last place.

However, even though there are these rankings for these fried chicken parts, we need to know that all are tasty and delicious. They all deserve to be eaten with love. It’s just that we sometimes have preferences.

Personally, I look at the chicken parts based on the amount of meat and skin they have. Also by how enjoyable they could be eaten. 

To understand what I am talking about, let’s take a look at the different parts of the chicken and know what I think about them. 

4. The luscious leg partLeg part fried chicken

A cute, ready-to-eat leg part

When you were a kid, wasn’t the leg or drumstick part of a fried chicken your favorite too? Because it was for me. It is easy to hold and eat, after all. Also, the skin covers the entirety of the leg part perfectly and every bite has the perfect proportion of skin and meat.

However, the leg part also has the least amount of meat among the four. Because inside all the meat is a really big bone, you actually get a really small amount of bite. Unless you also plan to eat the bone. So as the saying goes, what you see is what you get.

3. The beautiful breast part

A beautiful and tender-looking (boneless) breast part

The breast part is my least favorite among the fried chicken parts. When I receive this specific part from fast-food restaurants, the meat is often dried up and not juicy at all. Moreover, there isn’t really much skin when it comes to breast parts.

Breast parts are at its finest when boneless though and I could give it the credit for that. Plus, they are the leanest part of the chicken, being the best source for protein.

2. The wonderful wing part

Fried Chicken Wings Recipe | MyRecipes

Appealing and crunchy-looking wing parts

It kind of came as a shock when I saw the results of the poll and wing came as second. I thought people found it hard to eat chicken wings! However, I also understand why.

Wings are often really juicy and there is a lot of skin tucked in corners. You could nibble on the pieces of bone from the wing, and you would find some really delicious surprises. Moreover, they really taste good when dipped in assorted but complimentary flavors, especially now that unli-wings are already a trend. Who doesn’t love trying fried chicken with assorted twists?

1. The tasty thigh part

Chicken Thigh Recipes | MyRecipes

A marvelous and juicy-looking thigh part

Now this is what you call fried chicken perfection! Look at all that skin and imagine all the meat it holds underneath. I know that some people may disagree about thigh being the superior fried chicken part, but it is just literally perfect! You get a big piece with a generous amount of meat, and covering all that — nestling perfectly on top — is the chicken skin.

The way I eat it is that I use my spoon to separate the skin from the meat carefully and then save it for last. I first enjoy the juicy goodness of the thigh meat, from both the front and back of the part. And then for a perfect ending, I take my bites on the chicken skin until it is completely finished.

If all that doesn’t sound appealing, I don’t know what will. My mouth is literally watering right now. I just want to eat chicken again.

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