We can’t say ew fast enough! Who in their right mind would want, french fries topped with pearls?!


So in today’s episode of, things-that-should-never-have-happened a milk-tea place in Manila came up with the weirdest concoction we’ve seen in a while. And we can’t say ew fast enough for this one. Because who in their right mind would ever even want french fries with pearls? Yep, that’s right, FRENCH FRIES with PEARLS. Why? We have absolutely no idea, maybe because loaded fries was just too basic? Then this combination may just be for those with an acquired taste, lol. Check out more of this weird combination below:

Just look at it… *cringe*

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The Pearl Fajardo Facebook Page

This odd and—dare I say—gross combination was made by a milk-tea shop in Manila called ‘The Pearl Fajardo’. And they call it the ‘Triple Treat’. How would this even work though? I can’t imagine the pearls would stick to the fries. So then would you have to eat this with a fork? Just imagine, using a fork for tapioca pearls? And then what if you liked eating fries with ketchup? PEARLS and KETCHUP?? *cringe*

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The Pearl Fajardo Facebook Page

I don’t imagine anyone would, but if you were interested in trying this abomination of a snack, you can find ‘The Pearl Fajardo’ at 1666 J Fajardo St. Sampaloc, Manila.

The comments had me dying!

You know what people on Facebook are like, so I assume you can already imagine what people were saying in the comments section.

“Please don’t tell me that they put the ketchup in the milk tea.”

—Juancho Licaros

“Tama naman yang ginawa nila. Maghahalo halo rin naman sa tiyan natin yan. Aarte nyo.!.😂😂😂😂”

(“There’s nothing wrong with this. It’s all going to get mixed up in our stomachs anyway! Y’all are just picky!”)

—Marshall Bonifacio

“kaya tayo hindi dina dalaw ng mga alien!!!😂😂😂😂”

(“This is why aliens don’t visit us.”)

—Yuri Mundas

So there, we don’t know about you but our quota for dealing with the internet has officially been filled. Yep, that’s enough internet for today.

What did you think of this milk-tea shop’s french fries with pearl combo? Gross right? Or maybe you’ve tried and it actually wasn’t that bad? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.