Calling all lovers of Dunkin Donuts! Your favorite store has released a new munchkin variant, and it’s a flavor almost all Filipinos love: ube!

On a Facebook post on October 8, Dunkin’ Donuts made an announcement. Apparently, you can now order and eat Purple Yam or Ube Munchkins!

We are honestly taken aback with this because we have heard of the purple yam shortage. But, we also wonder how heavenly those Munchkins taste like. Just look at the mouthwatering photo below!

The thing is, we honestly don’t even want to try these Ube Munckins. We are afraid that we won’t be able to stop gobbling them one after the other. 

The people’s reactions

Clearly, Filipinos are thrilled by the fact that there are now Ube Munchkins. Of course, the Choco Butternut ones are still the favorite but there’s actually a big chance that these purple bites would sell.

Just look at the reactions of some Twitter netizens below.

Gobble them up!

To be frank, we are confused if the purple in those cute spheres are just food-coloring. Because of the recent news about purple yam shortage, it has to be just food-coloring.

Did they use real purple yams by any chance? Or did they just use regular yams and mixed it with food coloring? Perhaps, was it just flavoring? Honestly, we might sound stupid in asking all these questions, but hey, we are not experts in food. Moreover, we’re just really curious.

To that we also thought, is this an effort of Dunkin’ to bring light to that issue? Or was ube just a flavor that came up in mind while they were innovating?

Going back, there are no specific stores or branches that Dunkin’ has mentioned. So we assume that these Purple Yam Munchkins would be available nationwide for only P10 per piece. You also have the option to combine 10-15 pieces of it in Dunkin’ Donuts’ assorted 40-piece bucket of munchkins for P349. 

Moreover, you can always call them up at their hotline number, 8988-7288.

Are you excited to try these Purple Yam Munchkins? Share with us what you think of it through the comments below! Or simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter accounts.