It wasn’t long ago when we told you that Starbucks Japan is getting ready for the Cherry Blossom season, and how jealous we were about the exclusive drinks. But we’re not so jealous anymore, because the Starbucks cherry blossom drinks and tumblers are here too!

Okay, so maybe we’re a little obsessed with all things Japan and cherry blossoms. But who wouldn’t be? Especially when you get a glimpse of their culture and not to mention their food! And to most, when you mention Japan, cherry blossoms are the first thing people think of. So check out the new Starbucks cherry blossom drinks and tumblers!

The Starbucks cherry blossom inspired drinks!

Starbucks Cherry Blossom Drinks 2020

There are two new cherry blossom inspired drinks. The first one is the Pink Peach Blossoms Cream Frappuccino. It is a beautiful pink-hued drink, that uses a peach jelly infusion for a creamy base. And is topped with a cute cherry blossom-shaped meringue.

The second drink is called the Chocolate Black Tea Peach Blossom Cream. It’s a blended drink that’s made with black tea, chocolate, and a tart pink peach sauce. And is also topped with a cute cherry blossom-shaped meringue.

And both of them are priced at 175 PHP for a Tall, 190 PHP for a Grande, and 205 PHP for a Venti.

Starbucks Japanese Drinks 2020

Additionally, Starbucks has also introduced two new drinks that are not necessarily cherry blossom-inspire, but they are Japanese-inspired. And these new drinks are for those who are looking for a stronger coffee taste in their drink, which is always a good option to have.

They are both new additions to the Smooth Brr-ews line. And the first one is called the Yuzu Cold Brew. It’s made with Starbucks’ classic cold brew, but it’s infused with yuzu. It’s a kind of citrus fruit that is native to Japan and gives off a sharp distinct taste. The second one is the Coconut Cold Brew, so if the idea of coconut coffee sounds good to you—you’ll definitely like this one. It also uses the Starbucks classic cold brew base, but the addition of the sweet and creamy coconut milk gives it a whole new depth of flavor.

And both of them are priced at 170 PHP for a Tall, 185 PHP for a Grande, and 200 PHP for a Venti.

Check out the cherry blossom-inspired tumblers!

Starbucks Cherry Blossom Tumblers 2020

So if you’re on the lookout for new tumblers, check out the new Starbucks cherry blossom collection for 2020! This new collection from Starbucks features beautiful cherry blossom petals floating in the wind. And are all done in the same beautiful pastel pink hue.

Starbucks Cherry Blossom Paper Card 2020

Along with that, they have also released a new Starbucks paper card! They call it the Spring Sakura Paper Card, and sure enough, on the front is a beautiful design of a cherry blossom flower.

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So what do you think about the new Starbucks cherry blossom drinks and tumblers? We’d love to know what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.