Say Hello To The Starbucks XOXO Collection!

It hasn’t been long since Starbucks released their Valentine’s Day collection. And now they’re officially out with another one, the Starbucks XOXO collection!

So if cute, compact, and quality tumblers are what you’re after, check out this new collection from Starbucks today! And if our opinion doesn’t convince you, just know that Starbucks teamed up with an American company that’s on par with Hydro Flask and Yeti.

Say hello to the Starbucks XOXO collection!

The Starbucks XOXO collection is a collaboration between Starbucks and the New York-based reusable bottle company ‘S’well’. And the end product is absolutely adorable! The collection is easily any pastel-lovers dream! The Starbucks x S’well XOXO collection is comprised of 16oz hot and cold tumblers in four dreamy colors: Spring Green, Pale Lavender, Sky Blue, and Blush Pink. And is priced at 1, 995 PHP each.


It was released just last February 10, and is available in all Starbucks branches nationwide! So you might want to hustle if you intend on getting the color you like. Because we have a feeling that Starbucks XOXO collection won’t be staying on the shelves for long.

Additionally, they also released an XOXO Paper Card that features a pattern of blush pink hearts on a midnight blue background. And it comes with a V-Day greeting card, in case you want to gift it to someone special!

Starbucks XOXO Frappuccino!

Along with the Starbucks XOXO collection, there’s a new drink with it too! A chocolate drink that’s sure to rival all your favorite chocolates! It’s the new XOXO frappuccino!


The Starbucks XOXO Frappuccino is a chocolate-based drink that’s blended in with real chocolate chips. And topped with chocolate hazelnut-flavored whipped cream, and sprinkled with mini dark chocolate chips! It starts at 180 PHP for a Tall, 195 PHP for a Grande, and 210 PHP for a Venti.

Quality tumblers are honestly such a good investment for both students and working professionals. Especially the ones that can fit into bags without adding too much bulk. And the Starbucks XOXO collection with ‘S’well’ definitely checks all the boxes in that category.

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So which color will you be copping from this new Starbucks collection? We’d love to know what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.

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