When the enhanced community quarantine was imposed to slow the spread of coronavirus in the country, most stores and food establishments had to adjust or stop their operations to comply with the government’s quarantine rules. This is to ensure the safety and convenience of their workers.

Thankfully, as the world gradually adapted to the “new normal”, more and more stores and food establishments started to reopen with modified takeout and delivery services.

To satisfy those food cravings you’ve been silencing since the lockdown began, well, you can check now order from the stores and restaurants in this running list. (Note: as of April 23, most of the establishments included in this list cater to select areas. Their offers and schedules may also vary so be sure to check out their official announcement on their pages before you order.)





Dunkin’ Donuts








Pizza Hut


Shakey’s Philippines




Domino’s Pizza


As per Domino’s Pizza Delivery Advisory on their Facebook page:

“Please be advised that we are experiencing high volume of orders at the moment and we are doing our best to serve them as efficiently as we can with our available resources.

For a quicker way to get in touch with your desired Domino’s Pizza branch, you may contact them directly via landline/mobile using the list here: bit.ly/DominosPHDeliveryAdvisory. Note that orders are still subject to availability of stocks/menu of the store to cater.

Kindly expect slight delays in delivery due to the strict implementation of Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Thank you and keep safe everyone! #DominosPH”

S&R New York Style Pizza


ArmyNavy Burger + Burrito Philippines


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Any stores and restaurants with delivery and takeout services you’d like to add?

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