Adapting to the new normal just got easier.

With more and more stores and food establishments finding ways to operate while still abiding by the ECQ rules and protecting their workers from the threats of the coronavirus disease, some of our food cravings can now be satisfied. On top of that, foodies can now avail of these yummy ready-to-cook snacks and prepare them at the comforts of their own homes.

KFC Crispy Fries and Nuggets


Starting April 22, KFC sells fryer ready packs of their Crispy Fries (P300 for 2.2 kgs per pack) and Original Recipe Nuggets (P400 for 40 pieces per pack). These finger-lickin’ goodies are available for take-out and drive-thru purchases.

Potato Corner


Potato Corner X Nacho Mucho’s Cook-It-Yourself Fries Kit is open for delivery orders in select areas in the country. Each pack contains 1 Bag Frozen Fries (2.5KG) and 1 Pack Flavoring of Choice (220g). You can arrange your orders thru these hotlines: GLOBE 0906-0050-579, SMART 0947-381-0359.

Ministop’s Uncle John Chicken


The famous convenience store is also stepping up to make the new normal more convenient for us!

Their Uncle John’s Fried Chicken is now available in  frozen packs along with their other snacks like hotdog spicy chicken, hotdog tender juicy, hotdog TJ giant, hotdog breakfast franks and hotdog cheesy franks. The cult-favorite chicken can be bought with or without breading, and costs 380PHP for 8 pieces per pack.

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How are you coping with the global pandemic crisis?

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