This or that- there can be constant debates as to the things we eat everyday, and we want to settle them once and for all!

Do you ever bite through an Oreo instead of peeling a side and licking the cream and have someone look at you with absolute disgust? Well, this is just one of the probably unsolvable food debates of our time, but there’s more! Here are some food debates that are prevalent in Filipino culture, and we’re here to settle the score.

Pineapple Pizza?

If I’m going to be biased, I’ll say yes. Pineapple belongs on pizza. But since we can’t be biased on anything here, what do you think about it? Some of us grew eating Hawaiian style pizza, so it’s comes as no surprise to the tastebuds. Some people, however, perceive pizza as something that should be savory and not sweet. And some people just don’t like the texture of pineapple itself on their pizza.

So, how do you like your slice?

Sinigang vs. Bulalo

Sourness is a traditional Filipino flavor. This is the reason one of the most popular Filipino dishes “sinigang” or sour stew was created. It’s a perfect meal with rice on a rainy day.

But with the calming pitter-patter of raindrops, we could argue that nothing beats a hot bowl of “bulalo”. These are two hot stews that are hard to choose from!

Which stew is hotter for you?

Spaghetti vs. Carbonara

It’s red versus white all over again. While it’s unarguably certain the Pinoys have always had a love for a hearty plate of slightly sweet spaghetti, we can’t deny that carbonara is a delight, too! Over the years, I’ve come to observe that spaghetti tends to be the kids’ favourite, maybe because it has more kid-friendly ingredients compared to the carbonara which usually has mushrooms. Staples in Filipino celebrations, both are complete treats!

Which dish would you rather twirl around your fork?

Best part of Fried Chicken?

If you’re going to say the leg part, get out of here. Just kidding! Opinions on the best part of fried chicken can be divisive. Personally, I’d prefer the thigh part for its higher fat content, and come on. You can’t tell me the skin on the thigh part isn’t completely delicious! Some people also are obsessed with chicken wings. And some would prefer the whiter part of the chicken like the breast part meat. The meat closer to the bones just tend to have more flavour.

Which part do you usually fight for in a fast-food restaurant?

Coffee vs. Milktea

The milktea frenzy is something that’s pretty recent. And while some people are going crazy about it, others prefer the classic coffee over it. Iced, hot, even served as a frappe, nothing is better than the energy it gives us.

At the same time, milktea is something that’s also very delightful! And who would have known that tea could come in so many variations? It goes very well with black pearls, too.

What’s your cup of tea?

Tomato vs. Banana Ketchup

The last one isn’t the most serious debate, but it sure is something you can choose from. Tomato ketchup is the real deal, we all know that. It’s a condiment that goes a long way, and although it’s made solely from the same product, how it tastes varies from brand to brand. However, what of mayo-ketchup? Isn’t it better to use banana ketchup? My sister would kill for some of it on an omelette, too.

Which condiment would make you dip into it faster?

There are a lot of debates when it comes to what we put into our mouths to eat. I guess we could just leave it to preference and respect our own opinions on food! But if you haven’t tried something, remember that it doesn’t hurt to try new things (as long as it’s legal). Try the food. If you don’t like it the first time, then okay, but let’s not dislike food we haven’t tried yet! What other food debates do you always have with your friends? Let us know on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh!