Pegan Diet: A bizarre combination of Paleo diet and Vegan diet. How does this work?

It’s a new year! Hooray! I bet you guys are thinking of starting a healthier lifestyle. That’s totally cool and I support you. As a matter of fact, I went and researched about Pegan Diet, it is a combination of two contradicting diets but is claimed to be a lot healthier. You’ll never know, maybe this is the diet that fits you! So keep on reading!

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What is Pegan Diet?

Pegan diet is a combination of a Paleo diet and a Vegan diet. A Paleo diet is based on what people from Paleolithic era used to eat, those that are usually hunted and harvested like meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables. This diet is very high in protein. It is studied that due to the changes in farming and how we produce food the nutrition we get from modern food is a mismatch with the needs of our body, ergo diseases such as heart disorders and diabetes arise. Paleo diet is made to fix that!

A vegan diet is just vegetables, fruits, nuts, and anything that did not come from animals. It is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and antioxidants. You might ask “Aren’t these two diets a bit contradicting to be combined?”. Well, yeah. It seems like an unlikely pair but if you really get into how it works you’ll understand the logic behind it.

What to eat and what not to eat?

In a Pegan diet, you need to just invert a regular meal. Instead of the greens as the side dish, the meat is the side dish because in this diet your food needs to be 75% plant food. While the remaining percentage is for grass-fed animal meat, fish, and other plant food that are great protein sources. That way you moderate on meat consumption without sacrificing the amount of protein intake.

You do not need to be scared of eating fatty foods when in a Pegan diet, as long as they’re healthy fat. Munch on foods that are rich in omega-3. Such as avocados, fatty fish, and nuts but cease consumption of vegetable oils rich in omega-6. Avoid eating gluten, gluten fed meat, legumes, and dairy.

In a Pegan diet, always remember to choose a fresh plant food and unprocessed food. These are rich in nutrients and has lesser artificial ingredients that are harmful to the body.

In a nutshell

Pegan diet is a balanced food plan focusing on consuming the right amount of protein, carbs, and fats for the body to function properly. The diet supports sustainability by supporting local farmer products such as organic food and GMO-free produce. It is simple and not very restricting. You get to enjoy the same food you like just minus the “no-nos”.

At the end of the day, there are plenty of diet plans to choose from and it will depend on you and your willpower if it will be a success or not. MAy the force be with you on your new year diet journey! Hopefully, you guys learned something from this article on Pegan diet. If you have any comments please leave them down the comment section below or connect with us on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.