Foodpanda, a popular mobile food delivery marketplace, has teamed up with the cities of Manila and Pasig to give jobs to tricycle drivers who have lost jobs due to the enhanced community quarantine.

The project called ‘pandaTODA’ aims to employ 500 displaced trike drivers in each city, recruiting them to do delivery services on behalf of Foodpanda‘s restaurant partners.


On Monday, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with Foodpanda. Pasig City’s Vico Sotto also signed a partnership agreement on Thursday.

Apart from providing livelihood to hundreds among thousands of tricycle drivers in their respective cities, the ‘pandaTODA’ initiative will also help promote physical distancing by encouraging citizens to just have their food delivered instead of going out to buy.

Image Source: Philstar

“All of them have been hit by this crisis and a lot of them don’t know where to get their next meal from. With the help of Foodpanda, we will be able to help hundreds of tricycle drivers who have no source of income right now,” Mayor Vico Sotto said in a press statement.

In their signing of the deal, Mayor Isko said, “This project gives hope to Manilenos by providing them with livelihood, and at the same time, encourages Manilenos to stay at home because their food gets delivered to them.”

Drivers employed for ‘pandaTODA’ will be given proper training to ensure the highest standards of safety protocol. This includes the contactless delivery system. To top it all, the ‘pandaTODA’ participants will be allowed to choose to continue their parnership with Foodpanda even after the ECQ.

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