Korean Burgers Now Available at McDonald’s Philippines

Korean Burgers Now Available at McDonald's PH

The Korean wave has reached your favorite fast-food chain.

Now that we’re in the second season of ECQ, most of us will have to go back to our favorite habit of binge-watching our favorite K-drama series as a way to spend our abundant free time. The good thing is, your K-drama binge-watching just became more immersive thanks to these newly added items on the McDonald’s menu. Starting today, April 5, McDonald’s Philippines will be rolling out a brand-new array of Korean Food– from savory, tummy-filling treats to sweet delights!

Looking to fulfill your empty stomach? Try the K-Beef Burger that is made with 100% beef patty, a sunny side up egg, lettuce, slices of onions, gochujang sauce, and kimchi dressing all sandwiched between black sesame seed buns. You may also opt for the K-Chicken Burger that combines the famous crispy chicken fillet with cheddar cheese and the gochujang sauce and kimchi dressing– all placed between black sesame seed buns. Both these K-Burgers cost 206 PHP per meal.

Of course, a full mukbang experience calls for a variety of components. While munching on your K-Burger, you may also wanna pair it with Honey Butter Fries– McDonald’s World Famous Fries covered in sweet and savory Honey Butter flavor. For the dessert, you have Strawberry Banana Sundae that’s made with vanilla Sundae drizzled with strawberry banana syrup. This one costs 35 PHP.

All these new Korean items will only be available for a limited time. You can get them via McDonald’s drive-thru, take-out, and delivery services. You can also order via GrabFood and FoodPanda.

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