The popular kiddie snack we’ve all loved since we’re young now comes with a new twist. Introducing… HAW HAW MILK CANDY ICE CREAM! Yum!

This is not a drill! The Lost Bread is taking us back to memory lane with a Haw Haw-flavored ice cream. For Php 95, you can experience your childhood again in a cup or cone!

The Lost Bread also lets you add toppings like cookies, chocolate granola, and chocolate-caramel popcorn from their very own craft-your-own-soft-serve bar. Even more, they went far as to make a guide on how to enjoy your Haw Haw ice cream and heighten the milky experience. “Haw” crazy is that?

In case you’re wondering what this treat is, Haw Haw is a sweet milk-flavored candy with a smooth-like texture wrapped in its iconic mint green and white packaging. It’s eaten like a lollipop wherein you slowly savor its rich and creamy taste. Haw Haw is the true definition of how Pinoy milk candy tastes like!

Well, if you’re a 90’s kid who’s missing the flavor or just curious what the hype is all about, it will be available starting from August 13, 2019. It will be available in The Lost Bread’s branches in SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, and Streat Maginhawa. You better hurry up though because this will be a limited-edition collaboration with the makers of Haw Haw candy itself, SweetWorld.

The trend right now is definitely turning everything 90s related to desserts! If you don’t know already, the Lost Bread has also made a White Rabbit flavored-ice cream. And recently, Amarise Sweets created a Choc-nut spread inspired by the original chocolate bar.

“HAW” AMAZING IS THIS?! Just keep the treats coming and we’ll be here waiting!

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